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Snapchat Plus planets meanings and order explained (2024)

Last Updated on April 23, 2024
snapchat plus planets explained
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If you’re a Snapchat Plus user wondering what the Solar System and the planets mean, then we have you covered right here.

Snapchat+, the paid premium subscription for the social media app, was released back in 2022. Subscribers get access to interesting features like an AI editor, an upgraded AI chatbot, pets for your Bitmoji avatars, the friend Solar System, and more. 

As you guess by the term, the Solar System in Snapchat shows you how close you are to your friend by assigning you a planet (and vice versa). For instance, if you are the #1 best friend of a Snapchat user, you will be assigned ‘Mercury’ as it is the closest planet to the sun.

In this guide, we have covered what the eight planets mean and how you can enable the Solar System. 

Quick Answer

The Solar System on Snapchat has eight planets, which signify how close you are to a Snapchat user. The closer a planet is to the sun, the higher you are on someone’s best friend list.

How to turn on Snapchat Plus Solar System

To use the Solar System in Snapchat, you will need a Snapchat+ subscription. If you have it, follow the instructions to enable it –



Go to your profile

Launch the Snapchat app on your phone and then head over to your profile.

screenshot from snapchat showing how to open profile



Go to Snapchat+

When you view your profile, you will see a ‘Snapchat+’ tab – click on it. 

Screenshot of a Snapchat Plus profile with an avatar, displaying username, zodiac sign, and options to find friends, add to story, and create a countdown. A red arrow points to the "find



Enable the Solar System

In the Snapchat+ menu, you will see a ‘Solar System’ grid. To use the feature, toggle the grid on.

Screenshot of a mobile app interface displaying a selection of emoji-style options, highlighted on the "solar system" feature with an option to change the order explained.

Snapchat+ Solar System – what do the planets mean

Before we get into the planets, here’s how to view the planets – 

Visit your friend’s profile > tap on the ‘Best Friend’ tab (if it’s glowing gold, it means you’re in their solar system) > see which planet you’re on.

To give you a better idea of what the planets look like and what they mean, we have attached screenshots as well as pictures from Snapchat for each planet. 


Cartoon image of a woman sitting on one of the Snapchat Plus planets with a smiling sun character nearby, surrounded by small hearts, all against a light blue background.

If you appear on a Mercury with your Snapchat friend, this means you are their #1 best friend. This means they share the most snaps with you. 


Cartoon image of a woman sitting on planets with a smiling sun face next to her, surrounded by floating hearts in a blue background.

Venus means that you are the #2 best friend. If you’re on Venus, your Bitmoji avatar will appear atop a pale yellow planet surrounded by colorful hearts. 


Illustration of a cartoon man with glasses and a woman sitting on a stylized earth, surrounded by small hearts and planets.

If your avatar sits on the planet Earth, it means you’re the 3rd best friend of that Snapchat user. On Snapchat, the earth is blue and green with red hearts circling it. 


Illustration of a smiling woman sitting on a red planet, next to a stylized sun with a smiling male face, surrounded by small hearts on a light blue background.

If your Bitmoji is sitting on Mars, this means you are the #4 best friend. As you can guess, Mars is depicted as a fiery red planet with blue and purple hearts around it. 


Mobile phone screen displaying a Snapchat Plus feature description named "best friends" with whimsical avatars representing a sun and two people riding a planet.

Jupiter is the #5 planet, which means you’re the #5 best friend. Unlike other planets we have seen so far, this one has stars around it instead of hearts. 


A promotional screenshot from Snapchat Plus, featuring cartoon avatars on a radiant planet labeled "best friends," with information about the app's friend interaction features.

On Snapchat, Saturn appears to be dark gold-orange with a yellow ring around it. This is the #6 planet, which would make you the #6 best friend.


Illustration of two animated characters: a woman sitting on a green orb and a man's face as a smiling sun, representing the Snapchat Plus planets, against a blue background with stars.

Uranus is the green planet in the Snapchat Solar System. This is the second-last planet, which will make you the #7 best friend. 


Illustration of a woman sitting on a stylized blue planet with a smiling sun wearing glasses in the background.

Neptune is the last planet in the Solar System. On Snapchat, it is a blue planet with tiny pale blue stars around it. If your avatar is sitting on this planet, it means you’re the #8 best friend. 

What planet is number 1 on Snap?

On Snapchat Solar System, Mercury is the #1 planet, which means you are the #1 best friend. 

How do you get the planets on Snapchat?

You get the planets on Snapchat by enabling the Solar System in the app. To use this feature, you will need a Snapchat Plus subscription. 

What planet is blue on Snap?

In the Snapchat Solar System, the blue planet is Neptune, which is the #8 planet. 


To sum up, the planets on Snapchat represent how close you are to a Snapchat user. The closer a planet is to the Sun, the higher you are on a user’s best friend list. To enable the feature, you will have to toggle on the Solar System. Please note that this is a Snapchat+ feature, so you will need a subscription to use it. 

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