How can I join Bluesky? Access and invite code explained

Everything you need to know about access and invite code's to new social app Bluesky

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As it seems that Twitter is quickly losing speed and preparing for landing, Bluesky is the up-and-coming Twitter alternative on the horizon. If you’ve been wondering how you can join Bluesky, here’s everything you need to know about access and invite codes explained.

Bluesky is a rival platform that has many of the essential features of Twitter, and with Jack Dorsey involved, users not able to access Bluesky have been getting FOMO. We still haven’t had news of an official release date, so in the meantime, here is what we know about how to access Bluesky and get an invite code.

Bluesky access and invite code explained

Bluesky is still in beta development, with limited users getting access. So although you can download Bluesky for free on both iOS and Android, getting onto the platform isn’t that easy yet.

The first way you can get access to Bluesky is by signing up to join the beta before it’s publically available on the Bluesky website. This will add you to a waitlist, and you have to wait for them to send you an email with further details on joining the decentralized social media. However, don’t expect to get a sign-up email instantly – there is no definite timeframe on how long the waitlist lasts, and it could be weeks to months before you are able to sign up for Bluesky.

The second way you can get access to Bluesky is by receiving an invite code. You need to get an invite code from an existing user. These are rolled out to those already on Bluesky periodically every week, so if you know someone that’s already made it to Bluesky, you might want to ask them politely if they’ll send one to you. If you don’t you might be waiting a little longer, either being left on the waiting list or waiting to see if your kindness can sway someone on another social media platform such as Twitter or Reddit to give you a spare invite code.

How long is the waiting list for Bluesky?

There is no consistent timeframe for how long the wait is before you will get access to Bluesky after signing up, and it can range from weeks to months. We haven’t received an official release date for Bluesky yet, so a lot of us might be left in the dark before the innovative social media app fully comes out. If you’re interested in Bluesky, you can read more about Bluesky vs Twitter, how they are similar, and what’s different here.

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