How To Get Streaks Back on Snapchat

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Maintaining your streaks on Snapchat is a fun challenge for you and your friends. There have been rumors of snapstreaks lasting up to 2,400 days which is over six years! Some Snapchatters place a lot of value on their snapstreaks, often using it as a measure of the strength of their friendship.

To get a Snapchat streak, you and a friend must send each other snaps for at least three consecutive days. To maintain the streak you must then continue to send each other daily pictures or videos within a 24-hour window.

If either one of you fails to do so, the snapstreak will be broken! Fun fact: you can tell you have a snapstreak with someone if there is a fire emoji and number next to your friend’s name.

To our dismay, sending snaps that contain Memories, Spectacles or just text messages does not count towards your Snapstreak. This can cause many people to lose their snapstreaks accidentally – the horror.

Can a broken Snapchat streak be recovered?

If you happen to lose your snapstreak because you have missed the 24-hour window, it cannot be recovered, unfortunately. However, if your snapstreak has disappeared suspiciously and you believe that you followed Snapchat’s rules you may be able to get it back. By contacting Snapchat support you can get it reinstated but only if Snapchat thinks it qualifies.

Continue reading our guide below to learn how to do this.


Get your streaks back on Snapchat

If you think you have lost your Snapchat streak unfairly there is a way to recover it. We will need to contact Snapchat support and fill in a form to get it back.

Make sure you have the following information to hand before you start the steps below: Username, email, mobile number, device information (brand, model, model series), the username of your friend, the date your streak disappeared and how long your streak was.




Open your Snapchat settings

The first thing you will need to do is to navigate to the settings section of the Snapchat app.

With the app open, tap on your profile icon in the top-left of your screen. This will open up your profile, username, stories, and friends. In this section, head to settings by clicking the ‘cog’ icon in the top-right.



Tap “I Need Help”

To open up Snapchat Support head to the “Support” section in settings. Here you will find the tab “I Need Help”, tap on this.



Snapstreaks support

With the Snapchat Support window open, you will want to select Snapstreaks to bring up Snapchat’s users support page so we can start sending in a Snapstreak request.



Open the Snapchat form

To get to the Snapchat form we will need to navigate a bit further into their Support. Scroll down on the page to find “let us know” under the Snapchat FAQs.

This will bring up a “Contact Us” window where you will have to select “I’ve lost my Snapstreak”.



Fill in the support form

A form should now appear on your mobile device. In this form, Snapchat will ask you for your username, email, mobile number, and device information (brand, model, and model series) among other questions.

Make sure you have all this information to hand before you fill in the form. Note that if you leave the app you will have to do the above steps again. This is because Snapchat will revert you back to the main opening page if you leave the app.

Fill in the form with as much detail as possible and tap “Send” at the bottom of the page. That’s all we can do for now. Snapchat will review your claim and hopefully reinstate your streak if it qualifies under their rules.

Final Thoughts

So that is all we can do for now. Hopefully, you get your streaks back on Snapchat, we would hate to see it go. If you found this article useful, be sure to read our other Snapchat articles here on PC Guide.