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How to half-swipe on Snapchat to see unread messages

See unopened messages with this handy trick
Last Updated on April 24, 2024
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We have all been there. Sometimes we want to view someone’s Snapchat message without them knowing. Whether you want to formulate your ultimate reply or not seem too keen, half-swiping will allow you to view a message without sending a read receipt. Follow the simple steps in this guide to get you started.

The action of half-swiping is to partially swipe a snap message from left to right to reveal it without fully opening it. In doing so, you are able to preview the message without the sender ever knowing you’ve actually read it. This feature has a number of sneaky benefits, and will also have no effect on your Snapchat score, as the message is technically unread.

Quick Answer

Go to the chat tab, then press on the Bitmoji associated with the chat you would like to see. Finally, swipe to the right, keeping you’re finger on the screen at all times.

How to half-swipe unread messages on Snapchat

To successfully achieve the half-swipe on Snapchat, you will have to proceed with caution. It can be fiddly at first, but once you have done it a few times it becomes very easy to do



Open the chat tab

Open the Snapchat app and click on the chat tab found on the left side of the homepage bottom bar.



Select the conversation

Select the conversation you would like to half-swipe open by pressing on the person’s Bitmoji. Bitmoji’s are found on the left of the chat bar.

Be careful not to press on the chat itself because that will open the message.



Half-Swipe the message

After you’ve pressed on your friends Bitmoji, you’ll need to quickly swipe from left to right, without releasing your finger.  Do not swipe the entire length of the screen, as this will open the entire message.

While you swipe, the message tab will slowly begin to appear, revealing any texts or images you have been sent. Once you have seen enough, keeping your finger on the screen, gradually drag the window back into place to leave the message successfully unread.


You can swipe the full length of the screen to fully open up the message.

If all went well, then you should still see the unopened chat in your chat tab. If a message is unopened then it will appear as a blue chat icon like the one seen in the image below.

Screenshot of a Snapchat interface showing a list of messages, highlighting a 'new chat' notification with a half-swipe action, on a blue gradient background.
The image shows a screenshot of the Snapchat app, showing an unopened message in the chat tab.

Can you screenshot a half-swiped message on Snapchat?

Yes, you can screenshot a half message on Snapchat. However, it is important to note that if you screenshot a half-swiped message, then the friend who sent you the message will be notified. They will receive a message stating that you have screenshotted the chat, and the chat will appear with a screenshot message next to it in the chat tab.

Screenshot of a mobile chat application interface showing a message exchange, icons for settings, calls, and camera, with a focus on an open conversation during a half-swipe on Snapchat.
The image shows a screenshot of the Snapchat app, showing a screenshot message.

Final thoughts

That’s all you need to know to be able to do the half-swipe on Snapchat! As you can see the half-swipe feature is extremely sneaky. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy to do allowing you to operate on the app with no one knowing. Features like these can be super useful, and understanding the simple steps in the process will allow you to see all your messages quickly and without opening them.

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