How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83?

Trying to watch Disney Plus and keep getting Error Code 83? Don’t worry there is an easy fix for this, check out our guide to identify your issue!

How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 83

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Getting an error code can be a really frustrating thing, especially when you are trying to watch your favorite show, or just keep your kids entertained while you do something important.

The good thing is that most error codes are organized and often referential to a specific problem that usually has a quick fix, so it can be sorted out pretty quickly with a guide like this.

Luckily, this Error Code 83 is one of the most common on Disney PLus and will likely be fixed in an upcoming update patch.

But for now, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem you are having, and get back to watching your favorite shows quickly!

What Does Error Code 83 Mean?

As we mentioned, most error codes have a referential system where you can find out what the specific error code you are getting means.

Error Code 83 on Disney Plus means that Disney thinks you are using an incompatible device. In other words, Disney thinks you are trying to use a device which can;t run the Disney app on it to watch TV.

This sounds like a fallacy right, how can you even be on the Disney app with an incompatible device, but this is most likely an anti-piracy measure from Disney’s security team, attempting to stop those who are trying to acquire Disney’s streams to then reproduce them online for free while making money off it.

The most likely situation here is that some wires have been crossed and a glitch has occurred, hence why it will likely be fixed in a software update, where the app thinks you are pirating on another device when you aren’t.

Don’t worry the police won’t bust through your door, there’s some easy fixes.


How Do I Resolve This Error Code?

Assuming you are actually using a compatible device, which is the most likely situation, the error code can be resolved pretty quickly.

Here are some things to consider in order to resolve the error code.



Your Internet Connection

When you are streaming, having a strong internet connection can be important for quality, speed, but also for these server hiccups.

A spotty internet connection can lead the app to think you are using an incompatible device.

This can be caused by a few things, you might be in a blind spot for wifi in your house, if you get this error code when you are sitting somewhere specific, consider moving into a different room and reconnecting.



Consider If Your Application Is Up To Date

As we mentioned, this is likely a software problem and if you haven’t updated the app in a long time, for whatever reason, this could be the reason why this error code is appearing – especially if you are watching on an older model of a device.

If your device is particularly old it might not support the new Disney update, this is a common reason your device may be incompatible.



Consider How You Are Watching

It stands to reason that you may just be using the wrong method, if you are on a console you might be trying to watch this on the browser, this won’t work.

In this situation download the app to the device instead of using a browser.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this is easily fixed – you are either doing something wrong yourself, your device is too old, or Disney is just glitching out.

The last method we didn’t mention is simply rebooting the app and your device. Turning it on and off can often be very reliable.