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GitHub Copilot X: How to sign up?

GitHub is levelling up their AI programming assistant, find out how to get access with our guide
Last Updated on March 23, 2023
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Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, GitHub Copilot X is set to be the new ChatGPT-like assistant, helping developers write and amend code.

The new upgrade is expected to completely outperform the previous GitHub Copilot – transforming its current AI-powered auto-completion capabilities with a new chat and voice feature.

You can use the Copilot to explain parts of your code, create tests and help you find fixes to issues. But, that’s not all. Copilot X can also help you with pull requests by suggesting descriptions and creating code walkthroughs.

Do you want to find out how to use this new AI assistant? Well, you’re in the right place! Our experts at PC Guide will cover everything you need to know on this matter.

Sign up for GitHub Copilot X

At the moment, GitHub is only granting access to preview the new Copilot. Apparently, the tech company cannot “guarantee access to each feature” but by signing up for the waitlist you’ll be able to join the queue to test out the tools you’re interested in.

If you are looking into more than one feature, you will also need to sign up for each of these separately on their site. You can currently test the following features:

  • Copilot for pull requests – assistant to suggest descriptions and code walkthroughs
  • Copilot chat – explain code, propose fixes and generate unit tests
  • Copilot for docs – pull answers from documentation
  • Copilot for CLI – Copilot assistant directly in your terminal
  • Copilot voice – voice-enabled assistance

It is important to note, that you must have a GitHub Copilot subscription to be able to access these tools.

Is GitHub Copilot still free?

Unfortunately not. Copilot for individuals starts at $10 a month (or $100 a year). Although, GitHub does offer a free trial for its users who are looking to try the programming assistant out. The free trial lasts 60 days and is a one-time offer for GitHub users. If you are a business owner, Copilot costs $19 a month per user.

Final Thoughts

With GitHub Copilot X, you can take your coding skills to the next level and accelerate any project using the power of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence. This programming assistant can help you write code faster, fix bugs, generate tests and assist you with pull requests.

If you are already subscribed to GitHub Copilot, we definitely recommend signing up for the waitlist to try it out. And, if you’re not? Well, you might as well activate that 60-day free trial.

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