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How to use Snapchat Dreams – step-by-step guide to AI selfies (with pictures)

Last Updated on April 30, 2024
how to use snapchat dreams
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If you are wondering what Snapchat Dreams are and how you can use them, then we have you covered right here.

To start with, Dreams is a new feature by Snapchat. It generates AI images from your selfies with a theme. For instance, if you choose the ‘Old Hollywood’ theme, it would generate eight images of you based on this. 

At the moment, this feature is available to Snapchat Plus users -they can create eight free Dreams each month. In this guide, we will show you where to find this feature and how to use it. 

Quick Answer

To generate Dreams on Snapchat:

Go to your profile > Go to the Snapchat Plus tab > Tap on ‘Dreams’ > Agree to terms > Choose a theme > Generate Dreams > Save or Post to Stories

How to generate Dreams in Snapchat

Here’s how to do it.



Go to the Snapchat Plus tab

Launch the Snapchat app and head over to the your profile by clicking on your Bitmoji at the top-left. Then, tap on the Snapchat Plus tab.



Tap on ‘Dreams’

In the Snapchat Plus tab, scroll down and tap on the ‘Free Dreams’ option.

screenshots showing where to find snapchat dreams



Agree to terms

Since you will be using this feature for the first time, you will see a popup asking you to agree to the terms of use of the Dreams feature. This essentially gives Snapchat the authority to use your selfies and likeness to create Dreams. Also, your agreeing to the terms of use will allow your friends on the app to create Dreams featuring you and with you.

Screenshot of a smartphone interface showing a pop-up message from Snapchat Dreams app about using AI Selfies to generate content, with user photos displayed above.



Choose a theme

There will be host of themes on offer– Time Travel, Professional Portraits, Alternate Universes, Business Partners and so many more.

Now, Snapchat Plus users get to create eight AI selfies for free each month so your first pack of Dreams will be free. For the next pack, you will have to spend some cash or wait till the next month.

Screenshot of a mobile app with two tabs, "Snapchat Dreams" and "memories," showing user interfaces to select themed photo packs, with arrows pointing at selection buttons.



Generate Dreams

Now, once you choose a theme, you have to generate Dreams. In one go, eight images will be generated based on the theme you have chosen. Note that the generation process may take up some time.

generate dreams on snapchat



Add to story or save

Once completed, you can now share the AI images in your story for your friends to see and maybe participate in the trend, or you can just save it in your Memories or export them to your gallery.

screenshot showing how to save dreams or post stories

How long do Snapchat Dream take to generate?

The Snapchat Dream selfies usually take about a minute to generate. In some cases, it may take up more time. 


To sum up, Snapchat Dreams are AI-generated images of us in themed settings. Snapchat+ users get eight free Dreams every month. To generate another set of Dreams, you will have to pay or wait until next month. Note that when you agree to use Dreams, your pictures can also be used by your friends for their Dreams.

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