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Is Twitter Spaces Audio Only?

Engaging in Rich Conversations with Twitter Spaces
Last Updated on July 18, 2023
Is Twitter Spaces Audio Only
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Twitter Spaces, an exciting feature that poses the question, “Is Twitter Spaces audio only?” Indeed, it is an audio-only platform that allows you to join, participate, and even invite people to live audio conversations.

By simply long pressing the create tweet button, you can start listening to a Twitter Spaces session. But remember, it’s important to respect the platform’s rules to avoid violations. With features like emoji reactions, Twitter Spaces offers a captivating and interactive way to engage in discussions. Let’s dive deeper to understand more about this innovative feature.

Twitter Spaces: An Interactive Audio Platform

Twitter Spaces is more than just an audio streaming service. It’s an interactive audio platform that allows for real-time engagement. Users can express their reactions using emojis, and hosts can share clips from the discussion. This makes Twitter Spaces a dynamic platform for hosting live events.

What is Twitter Spaces & How to Access it

Twitter Spaces is a new feature on the popular social media platform Twitter that enables you to host or join live audio conversations. It’s like having a virtual room to talk and listen to others in real-time.

Accessing Twitter Spaces is simple. You can find Spaces on the top of your Twitter timeline. If someone you follow is hosting a Space, their profile pic will have a purple circle. Just tap on it, and you will enter the audio conversation.

Accessing Twitter Spaces on Desktop and Mobile

Whether you’re on your desktop or using the mobile app, you can access Twitter Spaces. On the mobile app, you’ll find it in the fleets section at the top of your screen. On the desktop, you can find it on the sidebar. From there, you can join a Space as a listener or start your own.

Comparing Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse are both platforms that offer audio chat rooms. However, they differ in several ways. For instance, Twitter Spaces allows for co-hosts, which can make managing a conversation easier. On the other hand, Clubhouse was the first to launch this type of service, setting the standard for what an audio chat room can be.

Participating on Twitter

Once you have joined a Twitter Space, you can actively participate by speaking if the host allows it. You can also react using emojis or share tweets related to the conversation. You can stay on listeners and enjoy the discussion if you would rather not speak.

How to Use Twitter Spaces

To use Twitter Spaces, you’ll need to navigate to the Spaces tab on your Twitter app. From there, you can schedule a Space, invite co-hosts, and prepare for your discussion. Remember, Twitter Spaces is an audio-only platform, so you won’t need to worry about video.

Twitter Spaces and Podcasts

Twitter Spaces has been compared to live podcasts. The format of an audio chat room is similar to that of a podcast, but with the added benefit of real-time interaction. Listeners can join in the conversation, making it a more engaging experience.

Can You Use Video in Twitter Spaces?

As of now, Twitter Spaces is an audio-only feature. You can listen and talk, but you can’t use video. This focus on audio provides a unique and intimate experience, allowing you to focus on the voices and ideas being shared.

Features of Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces offers several features to enhance your audio experience. You can see who is speaking at any moment, as their profile picture will be highlighted. This helps you track who is talking and who has the floor.

The Role of Transcriptions and Captions in Twitter Spaces

One of the key features of Twitter Spaces is its support for transcriptions and captions. This makes the platform more accessible, as users can read along if they have difficulty hearing or understanding the audio. It’s also a useful feature for those who want to refer to the discussion later.

Managing Twitter Spaces

If you’re hosting a Space, you can manage it. You can invite and remove participants, control who can speak, and set the conversation topic. It’s your space, and you have control over the experience.

Inviting Guests and Managing Permissions in Twitter Spaces

As a host, you have control over who can speak in your Space. You can invite guests to join the conversation and manage their permissions. This ensures that the discussion remains respectful and relevant.

Ticketed Spaces: A New Way to Monetize Your Content

Twitter recently introduced Ticketed Spaces, a feature that allows hosts to charge for access to their Spaces. This provides a new way for creators to monetize their content. To use this feature, you’ll need to download the latest version of the Twitter app.

Privacy & Safety

Twitter Spaces prioritizes privacy and safety. Hosts can mute or remove participants who violate the guidelines. Additionally, you can report any inappropriate behavior to Twitter for further investigation.


Can I Join a Twitter Space if I Don’t Have a Twitter account?

No, you need a Twitter account to join and participate in Twitter Spaces. It’s quick and easy to create one if you don’t already have an account.

However, if someone has shared a space link with you, it’s not difficult to join incognito. Simply copy and paste the link into your browser and click enter. You will not be visible to anyone, yet you will hear everything.

How is Twitter Spaces similar to podcasts?

Twitter Spaces is similar to live podcasts. The format of an audio chat room is like a podcast, but with the added benefit of real-time interaction. Listeners can join in the conversation, making it a more engaging experience.


Twitter Spaces, a new product from Twitter, is a fascinating feature that brings live audio conversations to the platform. Although it’s an audio-only platform, it offers a unique opportunity to engage with others in real time. You can easily find Spaces by looking for the Spaces icon in the search bar or spotting the purple bubble at the top of your timeline on mobile devices.

With the ability to pin tweets within a Space and even sell tickets for exclusive conversations, Twitter Spaces is revolutionizing the way we interact on social media. It’s a dynamic addition to the Twitter experience, offering a fresh and engaging way to connect with others.

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