Midjourney V5 – what is it?

What's new and how to access Midjourney V5

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There’s no doubt about it. Midjourney is a pretty wicked tool. Many fans are calling the next generation, Midjourney V5, a triumph and a huge success for the AI company itself.

With every new version of Midjourney, fans are gaining access to an even more advanced image creator. But what exactly is the latest V5 or 5th version? And, is it that much better than V4?

Midjourney V5

V5 is the latest iteration of Midjourney. It is most definitely better than all its previous versions. For a bit of context, Midjourney released the 5th version a week ago, but it is only in its beta mode now.

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The V5 is considered more enhanced and powerful than its previous version. For example, it draws a line between artwork in terms of fiction and reality.

In addition, it makes it hard for anyone to distinguish whether it is the work of a professional artist or a very advanced AI tool. Moreover, the V5 has a better pixel resolution and understanding of the text prompts than its predecessors.

Midjourney V5 – how to use

If you want to try out the snazzy new features of Midjourney V5, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Midjourney is made exclusively accessible through Discord. So, you must first create an account with Discord to experience the latest V5.

  1. First, make sure you have a subscription to Midjourney, then open Discord and head to Settings.
  2. Select the MJ option and press Enter.
  3. Now, you can go to Midjourney and start generating images with V5. To do that, just add V5 at the end of your prompt.

That’s it! You are now ready to enjoy the stunning visuals that Midjourney V5 can create for you

Midjourney V6 Discord release date

Previously, Midjourney released V4 as an Alpha version on the 5th of November 2022. However, with the latest release of V5, some fans are already asking for and predicting the release of V6. 

Midjourney is yet to officially announce the V6. But, considering the timeline of its previous versions, you can expect that in only a few months’ time, we may see V6 launched.

So, if Midjourney plans to release it, it may be sometime in August or September. But then again, this is all just speculation.


The latest version, V5, is already powerful enough to fulfill most image-generation needs. However, as time passes, there is a need for a further enhanced version, which we hope Midjourney is already working on. So for now, continue with the V5 beta version on Discord.