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SMS Backup And Restore – what is it?

Last Updated on July 15, 2024
SMS Backup And Restore
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SMS Backup & Restore is a free application that allows you to back up and restore SMS messages from your Android device.

The program also enables you to send text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks and can be a real lifesaver in situations where you need to recover the data located in an SMS.

Backup apps are essential tools for keeping your data safe.

They allow you to save your contacts, photos, music, and other information from your smartphone, and SMS Backup and Restore is a very useful tool that can help to keep your documents and files safe, secure and accessible.

What is SMS Backup and Restore?

SMS Backup and Restore is an innovative app which allows you to backup and restore SMS messages on your android phone.

It will not only backup all of your SMS messages but it will also backup any type of file such as contacts, call logs, notes, etc. This software is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices.

How Does SMS Backup And Restore Work?

This app works by using Google’s cloud servers. When you install this app, it connects to Google’s server and downloads all of your SMS messages.

Then, when you want to restore them, you just have to connect to the same server and download them again. You can choose whether you want to use Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection to do this.

Benefits of SMS Backup and Restore

​The main benefit of this app is its ability to backup and restore SMS Messages. If you lose your phone, then you won’t even notice that you lost your important messages because they will still be there in your Gmail account.

In addition to that, you can also use this app to back up and restore contacts, notes, call logs, browser bookmarks, and more.

Back-Up SMS Messages To Google Drive

Another option is to automatically back your SMS messages up to Google Drive, and this is fast and easy to achieve.

The main disadvantage here is that you will find that your data is restricted to Google Drive, and this can make it tricky if you are looking to share your data more widely, or with others on different platforms.

In addition, you should note that any older backups will gradually be deleted over time, and so you may lose very old messages – you are also unable to restore an older backup on your phone as and when you choose.

To backup SMS messages to Google Drive, you should start by tapping the Settings icon, and then swiping to reach the bottom. Then, tap Google and then Backup, and select the option to Backup Now.

This will instruct your device to automatically back up any SMS messages to Google Drive, allowing you to keep them safe temporarily.

This can be a great extra layer of protection to keep your data safe but is probably not the best choice if you are looking to save your messages in the long term, with an option to restore them at will.

How can I restore SMS messages?

Once you have your messages safely backed up, you can restore them on the device that you backed them up on, or on a new device.

Simply launch SMS Backup and Restore and then tap Restore – this will offer a list of backups, and you can opt which messages you are looking to restore.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to restore and save your SMS messages is important in allowing you to retrieve data and files, and SMS Backup and Restore is a great tool to simplify this process.

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