What Is Reword.co?

This article will demystify Reword.co, one of the cutting edge content writing assistants

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-powered content marketing tools, questions such as ‘What is Reword.co‘ are frequently asked. Content generators powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms have emerged as game-changer, offering unmatched efficiency, scalability, and consistency to professionals, bloggers, and content writers alike.

Among these cutting-edge platforms, Reword.co stands out as one of the leading AI content generators, empowering marketers with unique features and capabilities. We’re here to demystify this tool and take you through some of its key features to help improve your copywriting and increase audience engagement. 

An Overview of Reword.co

Reword.co is an AI content generator and optimizer that enables you to create engaging content within a few minutes. But what makes Reword.co different from many other AI text generators out there is that it places human collaboration with AI tools at the forefront of its model and therefore does not replace the job of a content writer entirely. 

With this tool, you work on an editor where Reword.co’s AI assistant is available when you need it, but invisible when you just want to write in your own words. Think of it as any writing platform like Google Docs but with AI capabilities to auto-generate content.

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Key Features of Reword.co

Reword.co has many highly advanced features to help you create content and optimize your overall article to rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs). Here are some of the core features of Reword.co

Content Creation

The first essential feature that you will find in almost all AI content generators is content creation. With Reword.co, you can create, rephrase, or trim content from scratch. The rephrase feature is especially useful as it allows you to avoid your content being flagged for plagiarism as it ensures you produce unique content consistently. 

Moreover, you also have the option to add a command. This means you can command the AI model to summarize content, add links naturally, generate paragraphs, include keywords in a paragraph, and much more. This helps massively when trying to write ad copy or a blog post. 

Headline Generator

Reword.co’s headline generator tool lets you create engaging headlines to hook the readers from the very start. Many writers can create compelling long-form content but face problems in coming up with attention-grabbing headlines. This tool can help them get the right.

Subheading Generator

Much like the headline generator, the subheading generator works by simply entering a description of your article or the title and letting AI create subheadings that will be important for your readers.

Topic Idea Generator

One of the biggest hurdles that content writers and marketers face is coming up with topics to write about. Reword.co’s topic idea generator can help overcome this problem. By taking information about your target audience, the tool can create title ideas you can write on.


Reword.co offers two plans, Grow and Pro. The Grow plan costs $38/month if billed annually and $48/month if billed monthly. The Pro plan costs $64/month with an annual subscription and $84/month with a monthly subscription. There’s also a 14-day free trial option so you can use the tool before deciding whether you want to buy it or not.