When will Chat GPT be back?

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So, it looks like Chat GPT is down. When will it be back?

If you’ve tried to access OpenAI’s chatbot recently, you might have noticed the error message ‘Chat GPT is at capacity right now’, preventing any login to the server. Some people, upon logging in, are unable to actually input any commands, with the ‘new chat’ button failing to work. In short – the service is not fully available.

OpenAI is yet to release any updates about when Chat GPT will be back up and running as normal. So for all those waiting, sorry – you’ll just have to sit tight. However, there are a few things you can try to combat the error messages.

Logging out and then back in again could help, as could clearing your browser cache or using a VPN. These aren’t proven fixes – the software is still in development. This means we will have to wait for the brains behind the chatbot to make some fixes which will increase the server capacity.

Why is Chat GPT not working for me?

A lot of users are experiencing problems with the Chat GPT web server right now, facing error messages or simply unable to send in any commands. This is because too many people are attempting to use the service. The servers are thus overloaded, hence the ‘at capacity’ error message.

There’s no clue as to when it will be back up and fully working. You could try waiting until less busy times of the day (when US users are asleep, for example), or just keep refreshing the page. Some people are reporting getting through after half an hour or so. But this is very frustrating.

Final Thoughts

Chat GPT is still in its teething stages, so expect to see issues like this one for some time. However, with some of the best software developers in the world working on the fix, we’re hopeful the servers will be operating at a higher capacity soon.

So for now, there’s no clear answer from OpenAi on when the service will return. We will be keeping track of when they do, though, and will be sure to let you know.