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Deep AI – what does the company do?

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Last Updated on August 4, 2023
Who are Deep AI?
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Who Are Deep AI? We’re here to tell you all about it.

Have you ever used an AI content generator? Many companies offer platforms that use deep learning models to find patterns in training data and generate new content based on them. Deep AI is one such company offering a suite of artificial intelligence generative tools.

Launched in 2016, DeepAI was the first to offer AI text-to-image generator services. 

Kevin Baragona is the founder and CEO of Deep AI. The company offers three AI tools: AI text generator, AI image generator, and AI image editor. These are all available on one platform.

Unlike many other AI-based content generator platforms, Deep AI does not claim copyrights on the generated output. This means you can use the images freely. According to the website, these images are considered public domain. Hence, anyone can use them without copyright issues to boost creativity.

Let’s look into all these tools and how they work.

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Deep AI: AI Chat

Deep AI’s chat is a conversational chatbot that lets you generate text content using deep learning algorithms. You can use it to create articles, stories, social media copies, email content, programming codes, etc. Think of it as Deep AI’s version of ChatGPT. Deep AI also claims that you can use their chatbot as a “virtual tutor” for “almost any subject”.

Like any other AI generative tool, AI chat also has some weaknesses. To begin with, it can generate inaccurate content due to limitations in training data. May give harmful or biased suggestions occasionally. Lastly, it is trained on data until 2021, so any queries of real-time events can lead to incorrect information.

Deep AI: Text-to-Image Generator

The next tool in the Deep AI suite is a text-to-image generator. As the name gives out, it enables you to create images based on text prompts through machine learning. For instance, if you give a prompt like “A Cyberpunk-style robot,” it will generate a new image of a robot inspired by Cyberpunk style. You can also pick an art style or artist; the tool will create a picture accordingly.

However, unlike most platforms that say the created image’s quality will be exceptional, DeepAI is honest. It asks the users not to expect photorealistic quality with the free version – the capabilities are limited. But for beginners, it’s a great way to get an understanding of how AI reinforcement learning works to generate images.

Deep AI: Image Editor

Another tool offered by Deep AI is its image editor. The tool lets you edit any image uploaded from your computer or created using its text-to-image generator, which runs off deep learning technology.

The process is simple; you just need to add a text prompt about what changes you want to make to the image. Deep AI’s model will understand your text using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and edit the picture.

You can ask the tool to change the background, give it a winter feel, make the person in the image wear more clothes, or do anything you want.

Deep AI: Image Colorization API

A final tool worth mentioning is Deep AI’s image colorization API. This feature enables you to bring old black-and-white photographs and videos to life. The API uses a deep learning model, trained to be able to match color with its greyscale counterparts. As a result, it can completely transform any black-and-white image into one full of color.


Deep AI has a free and a Pro version. The Deep AI Pro subscription costs $4.99 per month. It gives you 500 monthly images, 1750 AI chat messages, 60 genius mode messages, private image generation, a complete styles library, and more.

If you are out of credits in the Pro plan, you can purchase additional credits for $5. The additional credits give you 100 generated images, 350 AI chat messages, 12 genius mode messages, and everything else included in the Pro version. This pay-as-you-go plan makes using Deep AI far more flexible and better.


Deep AI is the company that makes accessing and using AI generative tools easier. The interface of the official Deep AI website is very straightforward to ensure everyone can navigate through it easily. With all the emerging artificial intelligence companies, it can be hard to understand who does what. We hope this article helped your understanding.

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