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Best wall mount PC case: top overall, full tower, mid tower picks

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Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on April 15, 2024

Looking for the best wall mount PC case? This article is your guide to finding the perfect blend of style and function for your custom build. Wall-mounted cases, a niche yet growing trend in PC building, offer a unique way to display your high-end components. They’re not just about aesthetics but also about practicality, especially for those with limited space.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best wall mount PC case

Our selection process involves a meticulous evaluation of several factors. We don’t rely on our benchmarks but extensively review publicly available data, user reviews, and expert opinions. We assess each case based on its design, durability, and functionality.

We also consider user experiences to gauge real-world performance, paying special attention to factors like ease of assembly, maintenance, and cooling efficiency. Finally, we factor in the price-to-performance ratio, ensuring that our recommendations provide value for money and cater to a range of budgets and preferences.

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Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Highly versatile design.
  • Panoramic tempered glass.
  • Larger footprint.
  • Premium price point.

The Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 is a versatile, high quality and innovative wall-mount PC case that doubles as a test bench. This open-air frame case is designed for custom water cooling enthusiasts and creative builders seeking to showcase their high-end components. With its panoramic tempered glass side panel, the MasterFrame 700 offers a clear view of the internal components, elevating the visual appeal of any build.

One of the standout features of the MasterFrame 700 is its modularity. It can be transformed from a traditional open-air bench layout to a vertical wall-mounted case, providing flexibility in presentation and layout. This adaptability makes it ideal for users who enjoy regularly modifying and upgrading their systems. The case supports up to E-ATX motherboards, multiple GPU setups, and extensive cooling options, making it suitable for high-performance gaming rigs or professional workstations.

The MasterFrame 700 is especially beneficial for users who value both aesthetics and functionality. Its open design facilitates easy access for maintenance and upgrades, while also ensuring effective cooling. However, this openness may require additional dust management.

  • Full tempered glass panels.
  • Spacious interior supports.
  • Modular design.
  • Higher price
  • Glass panels require careful handling.
  • Size may be too large.

The Thermaltake Core P8 is a full-tower PC case that caters to users seeking a spacious and customizable option for their high-end builds. This case features a full-tempered glass design, offering a premium view of the internal components from all angles. It’s ideal for showcasing custom water cooling loops and RGB lighting setups.

The Core P8’s expansive interior has enough space for hardware like E-ATX motherboards, multiple graphics cards, and various cooling solutions, including options for both air and liquid cooling systems. Its modular design allows for easy conversion from a closed case to an open-frame, wall-mountable configuration, adding to its versatility. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for users who enjoy experimenting with different layouts and presentations.

While the Core P8 excels in space and customization, its size may be a consideration for users with limited space. Additionally, the full-glass panels require careful handling during installation and maintenance.

  • Versatile layout options.
  • Large tempered glass panel.
  • Spacious interior for high-end builds.
  • Might be cumbersome for smaller spaces.
  • Heavier due to glass panel and size.

The Thermaltake Core P5 V2 is a mid-tower PC case that stands out for its unique open-frame and wall-mountable design. It’s perfect for enthusiasts who love to display their high-end components and custom cooling systems. The case features a large tempered glass panel that provides a clear view of the internals, making it a great choice for showcasing RGB lighting and water-cooling loops.

The Core P5 V2’s modular design allows for multiple layout orientations, including vertical, horizontal, or wall-mounted setups, giving users the flexibility to create a truly personalized build. Its spacious layout supports up to ATX motherboards, multiple GPU configurations, and a variety of cooling solutions. This makes it suitable for either a gaming setup or professional applications where performance and aesthetics are crucial.

However, its open design means it’s more exposed to dust, and it might require regular cleaning. Additionally, its size and glass panel make it a bit heavy, which should be considered for wall mounting.

  • Open-frame design.
  • Supports versatile mounting.
  • Ideal for custom cooling setups.
  • Requires careful handling.
  • Large sizes might not suit all spaces.
  • More susceptible to dust accumulation.

The Thermaltake Core P3 is a distinctive ATX case known for its open-frame, wall-mountable design, which is a fantastic option for gamers and PC enthusiasts looking to showcase their build. The chassis features a durable tempered glass side panel offering a full view of the interior, ideal for displaying RGB components and custom cooling loops.

The Core P3 is designed with versatility in mind, supporting various layouts including vertical, horizontal, and wall-mounted configurations. Its layout is optimized to support ATX motherboards, multiple GPUs, and extensive cooling options, both air and liquid. This flexibility makes it a great choice for custom PC builds that require adaptability and high performance.

The open nature of the Core P3 means that while it offers excellent cooling and easy access to components, it also attracts more dust. The size and open design also mean it may not be the best choice for environments with pets or small children.

Features and considerations

When selecting the best wall-mount PC case, several key features stand out. Firstly, compatibility with components is crucial. Ensure the case supports your motherboard size, has ample room for GPUs, and fits your cooling solutions, be it air or liquid. Secondly, cooling efficiency cannot be overlooked.

Another vital aspect is build quality and material. A sturdy frame is essential, especially when hanging valuable components on a wall. Additionally, consider the ease of installation and cable management. A well-designed case should simplify the building process and offer smart solutions for hiding cables, enhancing both aesthetics and airflow.

Can you mount a PC on the wall?

Yes, you certainly can. Wall-mounted PC cases like the ones reviewed are specifically designed for this purpose. They not only save space but also turn your PC into a visual showpiece. However, ensure your wall can support the weight and consider the ease of access for maintenance.


Are wall-mounted PC cases good?

Wall-mounted PC cases are excellent for showing off your PC’s internal components and can be a great conversation starter. They also facilitate better airflow compared to traditional cases. However, they might require more frequent cleaning due to being more exposed to dust and are generally not as child or pet-friendly.

Our Verdict

Standing at the forefront is the Cooler Master MasterFrame 700, our editor’s choice, which excels with its versatile design allowing for bench, wall mount, and standard case configurations.

The Thermaltake Core P8, as the best full-tower option, offers an expansive canvas for elaborate builds, while the mid-tower Core P5 strikes a balance between size and display capability. For gamers, the Core P3 showcases a blend of performance and presentation, perfect for those looking to flaunt their high-end components.