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Best Desk Chairs in 2023 – budget, posture, and home office picks

The top-rated desk chairs for every budget
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best Desk Chairs

Here we present four of the best desk chairs to buy right now. You spend many sedentary hours in one, so you need a good desk chair. The many covid-19 lockdowns proved this. This is especially true if you work from home and your desk chair doubles as your ‘hobby’ or ‘fun’ chair.

Whatever you use your desk chair for, it’s worth investing in a good one.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best desk chairs

We picked using a combination of features such as adjustability of seat height, depth, tilt, arm rests, lumbar support and head rest (if a chair has one). We also considered a desk chair’s surface material and price, and the size and weight of different users. Given the nature of a desk chair, it’s important to try one yourself before purchase if possible.

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Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Highly adjustable
  • Highly customizable
  • Ergonomic to protect your neck, back and shoulders

The Steelcase Series 2 is an ergonomic chair designed for people who will use their desk chair all day. It isn’t cheap but it is not expensive for this level of ergonomic chair, so you can indulge in supportive comfort without breaking the bank.

You can easily adjust the height using a lever positioned just under the seat, so you can quickly make the chair suitable for you. You can adjust the seat depth, too, to make sure you aren’t placing undue pressure behind your knees.

Two buttons let you adjust arm height to increase comfort and maintain good posture. You can even adjust the side-to-side attitude of the arm rests to angle them inward or outward. You can also push the arm rests backwards and forwards so that they won’t impede your proximity to a desk.

There are three settings for adjusting back tilt and tension, so you can find one that is both comfortable and doesn’t have you sitting tense. One level enables a weight-activated tilt mode, the second increases the tension and the third locks the seat-back so that it remains upright and doesn’t tilt.

The Steelcase Series 2 provides lumbar support, and you can slide two handles up and down to quickly adjust it to provide greater back support and comfort.

The Steelcase Series 2 is available in many different colours and finishes, and you can even choose between leather and polyester seats, carpet and hard-floor casters, an additional headrest and more.

  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Ergonomic to protect your neck, back and shoulders
  • Not cheap

The Herman Miller Aeron is a design classic and a high-end office chair. It’s also very expensive, but it does come with a 12-year warranty. You can also customize the Aeron to suit your needs to a certain degree. Check that a chair has all the options you need if buying one online.

Choose from three different physical sizes, can specify armrest options and can choose a polished or standard finish, for example. The Aeron is also not just highly but easily adjustable.

Raise and lower your seat using a handy lever within easy reach of you at the side of the seat. Similarly, you control back-tilt tension with a knob on a stalk that’s also within easy reach of you, unlike some chairs where the tension adjust knob is underneath the chair.

You can even set the distance to which your chair will recline using a knob on an easy-to-reach stalk on the opposite side of the chair. As if that wasn’t enough, the Aeron even has a forward tilt so that you can adopt a more engaged pose when working.

Herman Miller’s PostureFit SL uses pads to stabilize your lower back and improve your posture for your comfort, and this can be adjusted using a knob on the back of the seat. The Aeron’s armrests can be raised and lowered, twisted left and right and moved forwards and backwards.

If money was no object…

  • Cheap for an ergonomic chair
  • Has an adjustable headrest
  • Not as adjustable as more expensive chairs

The Amazon Basics Ergonomic Chair allows similar adjustments to ergonomic chairs from the bigger brands but at a lower price, so it’s ideal for those on a budget who need an adjustable chair.

You can adjust both seat height and back tilt using a rod and handle under the seat, which lets you find a suitable position for your comfort and posture. Twist a knob underneath the seat to adjust back tilt tension to your preferred setting, to improve comfort and reduce your own tension while reclining.

You can’t adjust the back and forth and left to right attitude of the chair’s armrests, but you can lift them up and out of the way should your posture or activity demand it. The chair’s headrest can also be raised and lowered to suit your height and provide support to your head and neck.

You can swivel 360 degrees in this chair, so you can turn to perform tasks without stressing your back, shoulders and upper limbs.

  • Best for big and tall
  • Leather foam seats
  • Not as adjustable as an ergonomic chair

The Amazon Basics Big and Tall Executive Chair is ideal for heavier and taller users. This is because it has a high back to better support the back, neck and shoulders of taller users. The Big and Tall Executive Chair also supports weights up to 350lbs/25 stone/159kgs.

You can’t adjust the armrests, which means you won’t be able to find your perfect comfort and posture level. However, the seat height can be adjusted between 18.8in and 22.3in and you can adjust tension. You can also lock the seat-back in place. So you can adjust this chair to help support your posture and comfort.

The Amazon Basics Big and Tall Executive Chair swivels 360 degrees. This means you can turn or pick things up without twisting or stressing your back, arms and shoulders. Overall this is one of the best office chairs for anyone on a budget.

  • Six points of adjustment
  • Breathable mesh
  • Lacking a headrest

Our list of the best desk chairs would not be complete without an offering from Branch. This is another great home office chair due to its unique design.

With this option, you’ll get a breathable mesh fabric back and a 3D-knit backrest – the perfect design for anyone sitting for long periods of time. Moreover, Branch’s ergonomic chair comes with adjustable lumbar support. As well as, a total of six points of adjustment and a high-density foam cushion. The Branch Verve comes in various colors including coral, classic black, white, light green, and blue.

Not only does this chair look great, but it has also won awards. The iF Design Award in 2022, in fact, for its unique design. All in all, the Branch Verve is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a trusted, good office chair.

Features and considerations

There are more things to consider when purchasing the best desk chair than you’d think. First there’s the type: standard office chair, fixed or swivel or an ergonomic design. Then there is the seat height, which should be adjustable so that you can be seated in a natural pose.

Seat depth is important so that there is some distance between the back of your knees and the chair. The common consensus appears to be three fingers’ distance. The lumbar support should be a concern if you spend extended periods at a desk so that your lower back is supported and not stressed.

You may need to choose a chair’s casters, as some are intended for use on carpet and others on hard surfaces such as wood. You may be able to specify your preferred type of caster at the time of purchase.

A swiveling chair lets you turn without twisting your back. Some users may require the backrest to tilt. Meanwhile, the maximum load a chair can support is important, especially for heavier users.

Our Verdict

The Amazon Basics Ergonomic Chair is a compelling buy if funds are tight. The Herman Miller Aeron is an all-out highly adjustable and desirable chair. However, our top pick from the list of the best desk chairs is the Steelcase Series 2. It’s adjustability, customazibility and ease of use makes it the Editor’s Choice. The Series 2’s not that expensive, either.

Plus, the Steelcase Series 2 is highly customizable. This means you can style the Series 2 to suit your own needs, tastes and environment.