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Best Standing Desk in 2023

We look at the best standing desks to help you work effectively and comfortably
Last Updated on August 16, 2022
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A standing desk can be ideal in places where a desk is used causally, such as in a warehouse or retail space. A standing desk can be a good option if you have a condition that prevents you sitting at a desk. Although they’re called standing desks, they’re often dual purpose and can be used to sit or stand while working. We look at four of the best standing desks.

Products at a Glance

Features and considerations

You need to consider size and finish when buying a standing desk. Also consider the desk’s sturdiness, maximum load, and if it uses a motor to lift rather than a gas spring.

An electrically powered desk is preferable to a manually operated desk, but it adds cost. Non-electric standing desks typically use a gas spring to lift loads. Some electrically powered standing desks have memory buttons and you can usually program these for later recall. You can then press these buttons to go straight to a preferred height, which saves you time and effort.

You need to consider the maximum load a desk can bear, especially if you have heavy equipment on it. A dual-motor desk might be better in this case, and a dual-motor desk should provide a smoother lift, too

You usually have to assemble standing desks, so be prepared to build it or have someone build it for you. Check to see if the company that makes and/or sells the desk has assembly videos online to assist you.

Standing desk convertors turn a normal desk into a standing desk. These are a good, cheaper option if you don’t want to purchase a full desk or would like something to use on multiple desks and tables.


How we picked the best standing desks

Of course, the best standing desk for you depends on the room in which you’ll use it, the activities for which your desk will be used and so on. Given the differing prices and wide application-space of standing desks, it’s best to view and try one yourself before purchase if you can.

We’ve chosen four standing desks that provide a good combination of size, electrification, adjustability, added extras such as cable-management baskets and so on to hit a sweet spot that would satisfy most users.

Our Recommended

Best Standing Desk in 2023

  • Dual-motor for greater load bearing
  • Three preset buttons
  • Anti-collision feature to stop the height adjustment
  • No cable-management basket underneath

The SIAGO electric standing desk has a snazzy black and orange colour scheme with a 48in x 24in wooden top. You raise and lower the desk using an electric motor, which is ideal if you have limited mobility. You just push a button to raise the desk.

It’s a dual motor desk, which means more lifting power and a smoother lift. This SIAGO this desk can lift up to 240lbs/109kgs. You can use three preset buttons to move the desk to a different height. This means multiple users can quickly adjust the desk to their preferred height, which is also great for hot desks.

An anti-collision system stops the desk moving if it detects something is in the way, which gives peace of mind. Meanwhile, desk hooks let you keep your coats, bags, headphones and so on safely out of the way.

  • Electrically adjustable
  • Can convert any desk to a standing desk
  • Only one memory button

The Amazon Basics AMZ-3212-MR standing desk is actually a convertor that transforms a regular desk into a standing desk. This means you don’t have to invest in or find room for a full standing desk.

The AMZ-3212-MR sits on top of your desk and you can then lower and raise it to your preferred height. You can adjust height from 4.3in above the desk to 18in.

The AMZ-3212-MR is 32.3in wide and 12in deep with a wooden desk surface, so should feel like a proper desk. You can press one of four buttons to raise the AMZ-3212-MR to one of four unalterable pre-set heights.

Up and down buttons move the AMZ-3212-MR to a pre-set height or to your preferred height. You can save your preferred height to a memory button and then access that height subsequently via that button. This means you don’t have to fiddle with it manually once it’s set.

The Amazon Basics AMZ-3212-MR has a maximum load capacity of 220lbs/100kg.


  • Electrically operated
  • Available in a variety of sizes and finishes

The SHW OD-09D-O is available with a 40in, 48in and 55in width desk top and you can choose from a a range of finishes such as black, maple and walnut, so you should be able to find a finish and size to suit your home or office.

It’s an electrified desk, so you can press up and down buttons to raise the height without having to lift it up yourself, which is ideal for those with bad backs or anything else that might impede a manual lift.

You can also save custom height settings to four preset buttons so that multiple people can use the desk and press one button to have the desk move to their preferred height. You can also view height info on a digital display, which means you can use that data to remember your favourite or a specific position.

  • Can convert any desk to a standing desk
  • Available in a variety of sizes and finishes
  • Gas rather than electrical lift, so no presets and must be manually adjusted

The VIVO DESK-V000K is a standing desk convertor that lets you augment your existing desk to become a standing desk, which saves you money and lets you still enjoy the convenience of the regular desk. It also means you can convert other desks and tables to standing desks.

The DESK-V000K isn’t electrified, but it uses a gas pump to lift the desk and any objects on it to your desired position, so you will receive lift assistance. You use two handles to release the desk and adjust height.

The DESK-V000K has a higher desk top on which monitors, laptops and so on can go, and a lower, wider keyboard and mouse tray. The weight capacity of the upper desk is 33lbs/15kgs, and the keyboard tray is 4lbs/1.8kgs. Some of the electrified desks can lift much heavier loads, but the DESK-V000K is designed for monitors and keyboard sets rather than a full desk load.

The VIVO DESK-V000K comes in a variety of sizes between 26in and 42in, and a variety of colours, so you should be able to choose one that matches your colour scheme and desk size.

Our Verdict

Our choice is the SIAGO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk due to its dual-motor electric lift and lower, three height memory buttons and good looks.