How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

The docking station is one of the best parts of buying a Nintendo Switch, keep reading to learn how to use it to link your Switch up to a TV!

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

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Since its release the Nintendo Switch has gone on to become one of the most popular and fastest selling game systems of all time, and it’s not hard to see why.

Along with some fantastic games including Mario Odyssey and the ever expansive Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the system is most known for being able to be played either docked as a console, or as a handheld similar to Nintendo products in recent years.

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When you buy a Switch it will come with quite a few compartments so that you can play it either way you like, however it is not always obvious how to actually set the Switch up on the TV and play it docked.

Sure it can be easy to just slide the joy cons onto the device and play in handheld mode, but once you have set up your docking station you will be able to freely switch between portable and console to make full use of the systems capabilities.

So you can prepare this as fast as possible and get to playing your favorite Nintendo games on a TV, we have laid out below exactly how to connect your Switch to the TV for when you want to game on the big screen.


How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

Make sure you have everything that came with the Nintendo Switch next to you ready as everything will need to be used to link the Switch up to a TV.



Get The Dock

The medium sized black casing that comes with the Switch is the docking station and is what you will be putting your Switch into to link up to a TV. For now, look to the back of the dock and flap it open.



AC Adapter

Next you will see three insert options running down the back of the Switch. At the top there will be an AC Adapter slot, start by plugging the AC adapter that came with the Switch into its port, and plugging it into a socket.



HDMI Cables

You will now want to plug a HDMI cable into its slot just as you did with the AC adapter. Link one end into the dock and the other into a HDMI port in your TV of choice.



Close Back

Once these two are plugged in, you can go ahead and flick the back up so it is closed.



Turn Switch On

Now you are almost ready to start playing on your TV. Go to your Switch in handheld mode and turn it on, this can be done by holding in the power button at the top left for just a few seconds.

When it’s on, the screen on the front will light up.



Insert Into Dock

Finally, with your dock plugged in and Switch powered up, slide the Switch into the dock with the front facing towards the smooth side and not the openable side.

Also make sure to do this slowly and carefully to make sure you don’t scratch the screen.

Once this is done, your Switch screen should pop up on your TV, ready for you to continue gaming on the big screen.


Whether you want to be immersed on the TV screen or just want to relax on the sofa and play some games in handheld mode, the Switch grants this option to you, the player.

If you are finding your Switch does not pop up on the screen right away when docked, just double-check to make sure it has slotted correctly when you slide it in and is the right way around.