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TikTok is rife with content that you want to remix or reuse, but don’t want to particularly use the original video with pixelated watermark all over it. Rather than just downloading and cropping to make it worse, or using a program like Resolve to move the video in time with the watermark to ensure it doesn’t appear on the screen, it is just a headache.

The various app stores are filled with fake apps too, made to grab data and or rinse you for pro versions and ad revenue. There’s always an easier way and this time, there is!

Of course, I recommend this with an ad block on anything but a mobile phone. The website is filled with adverts and its those pain the butt ones, where it secretly fills the whole screen until you hit the button you want and then bam, you’ve been presented with genitals or a fake virus scan.

So rather than doing it that way, get onto a desktop or laptop and navigate to TikTok Downloader, over on It’s going to not only download the video for you, but it’ll rip it straight from TikTok’s servers without the watermark, giving you a fresh version to use of your favourite, thrice downloaded and overly compressed meme.

If you’re on a desktop and don’t really want to use the website – it might get pulled down at some point – you’ll want to check out our tutorial for YouTube-DL and DLG, which is now Open Video Downloader. It’s the same thing, it just looks nicer and seems to have ditched the overall user interface from the late 00s. It also manages to pull out TikTok videos without any issue, plus without any watermarks.

Really, you shouldn’t be doing this, but also, if it’s of a clip of a show or something by a celebrity, whatever. PC Guide isn’t a parent and we’re literally riding that middle line all day, every day with our talk about emulation.

However, the thing is, TikToks come with a watermark for a reason. If it is original content, be sure to use the TikTok built-in downloader to give credit where needed, or simply tag the original creator in the post to ensure that you don’t get any flak if your video decides now is the time to take off.

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