Peloton Black Friday Deals 2022

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Peloton remains one of the leading fitness and cardio machine companies on the market, designing sophisticated treadmills and stationary bikes in tandem with brilliant software.

Yet, given these advancements, Peloton typically charges a hefty premium when it comes to many of its various high-end fitness equipment, making it rather difficult to shave off those unnecessary pounds in the wake of lockdowns.

With Black Friday just around the corner, we at PCGuide have got you covered. Below, we will dive into all of the best deals both current and upcoming as discounts start to roll in for the holidays. It’s the perfect time to pick up one of Peloton’s products at a more affordable cost – because, let’s face it, every little cent helps.

Best Peloton deals in 2022

There aren’t any major deals going on for Peloton products at the moment, as the firm held some major discounts closer to the beginning of the year and is most likely saving those for the holidays. The best possible places to find these deals when they arrive will be on both Amazon and the Peloton store page.

Where to find the best Peloton Black Friday deals?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many retailers equipped with Peloton products anymore, making finding the best Peloton Black Friday deals somewhat of a chore. Both Newegg and Best Buy don’t appear to sell any of Peloton’s equipment, but the firm does have its own online store, which can even be accessed through its own official app, and Amazon availabilities.

On its own website, said Black Friday Peloton deals will most likely be bundles of products as opposed to discounts on a singular piece of equipment. Consumers can expect up to $300 off on certain items when bundled in this way, including accessories and even limited-time offers on subscription-based content.

When will Peloton Black Friday deals start in 2022?

Peloton usually holds a two-week-long sale for Black Friday starting somewhere in the middle of November and ending following Cyber Monday. Last year, Peloton held their Black Friday deals from as early as the 15th of November and culminated them on November 30th, which is a nice 15-day window for potential buyers to get all of their necessary fitness equipment at an affordable rate.

Black Friday this year is slated to kick off on November 25th, but that doesn’t mean Peloton’s discounts will go live on the very same day. More than likely, the company will already have many of its deals ongoing throughout the month, with Cyber Monday being it’s last hoorah. We will keep this page updated as more information rolls out.

Does Peloton ever have a sale?

This is somewhat of a rarity, as Peloton likes to charge a premium when it comes to its fitness technology and subscription services. When the company does put forth a sale of any kind, it would be around the holidays, i.e. on Black Friday or amid Christmas, and the sale will normally involve a bundle of some kind.

Thus, a discount is more often than not nonexistent when it comes to any Peloton products, but this past March the company was holding a rather ideal $300 discount on its Peloton Bike, Bike+, and Tread units. So, this forthcoming holiday season could be the best time to invest in a Peloton device if the sales are ideal.

Last Year’s Peloton Black Friday Deals

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UK Deals
Canada Deals
Worldwide Deals
*Prices are subject to change

TFD The Pivot for Peloton Bike Screens (Original Models)

hot deal
33% Off

Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion (Compatible with Peloton)

hot deal
36% Off

360 Degree Aviation Aluminum Screen Monitor Adjuster for Peloton Bike

hot deal
30% Off

Black Friday Deals: find huge savings on Fitness right here, also check out Best Buy and Amazon.

Peloton Bike Black Friday Deals 2022

The Peloton Bike is not cheap, although the basic model has been reduced considerably in the last couple of months, but we’d still expect Peloton to make a move this Black Friday, potentially on the Bike+.

Peloton Tread Black Friday Deals 2022

The Peloton Tread may see minor discounts this Black Friday as the company looks to make up for lost time and sales.

Peloton Accessories Black Friday Deals 2022

Peloton doesn’t just make connected fitness equipment but they also have a great line of fitness clothing and accessories and this is where we could see some real reductions in price this Black Friday. As soon as we find any deals on Peloton accessories we will make sure they appear above.

We are also expecting price cuts on third-party gear such as peloton bike shoes, phone holders, and the like. Either way, bookmark this page and check back regularly.

Peloton Digital Black Friday Deals 2022

Did you know you don’t even need Peloton equipment to benefit from its amazing range of classes? A subscription to the Peloton Digital App gives you access to a lot of the features and classes and you can even use any gear you already have such as your own exercise bike and so on.

The app generally costs a pretty monthly penny so we could reasonably expect a discount on a yearly subscription to appear this Black Friday.