Raspberry Pi Black Friday Deals in 2021

Black Friday is for Makers too you know

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Like many computer components, many Raspberry Pi models themselves have been out of stock for the last few months but things are easing up. While we don’t traditionally see much of a reduction on the Pi itself, as a rule, Black Friday is often a good opportunity to pick up other items you might be interested in such as cases or add-ons such as hats, or even just cheap switches and wires.

If you can use it for a Raspberry Pi we will be featuring it on this page as the deals land over Black Friday so get it bookmarked.

Best Raspberry Pi Black Friday Deals

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EVICIV 12.3’’ Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

hot deal
Save $30

Arducam 5MP Camera for Raspberry Pi

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33% Off

With models of the Pi such as the Pi Zero W being out of stock pretty much globally for the past six months, we can’t really see them arriving back in stock with huge reductions simply because it is Black Friday but stranger things have happened. Where we might see some movement on price is the shifting of older models such as the Pi 3, assuming the availability of the Pi4 remains steady.

Best Raspberry Pi Accessories Black Friday Deals

This is where we think it will happen for Pi this November. There are bound to be great deals circulating on bundles of accessories, cases, and the like. It’s the perfect way for dealers to mass sell low-margin products to a waiting audience. We will be scouring the usual suspects looking for deals for you and they will appear right here on this page.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter MAX Kit

Where Do We Find The Best Raspberry Pi bLack Friday Deals?

We dredge the depths of the internet, from Amazon to Best Buy, to find you the hottest online deals. If there’s a retailer offering a great Black Friday deal, you can guarantee PC Guide will be putting it in front of your noses to snap up ASAP.

If there is something you’re looking for and we don’t have a page set up for it, let us know in the comments and we can put that right for you. We’re not just going to be putting up a web page and going home, we’ll be updating our content live to ensure you get the best Black Friday deal.