Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Black Friday Deals 2021

Get hold of Google's latest phone with our deals!

Google’s latest phone has come out swinging – finally. Their flagship is finally sailing and it’s actually pretty good. Excellent cameras, excellent performance, and stock Android, so you have no bloatware.

The Pixel 6 phones are a massive step up over the previous iterations, with a whole new chip inside – named Tensor – giving you a powerful phone and top-notch security, alongside new cameras that ensure that everything is in focus while you shoot. There’s even an AI-run feature that erases out ‘photobombers’ – a lot like Adobe’s Content-Aware feature.

On the Pro side of things, you do get a better camera experience overall, with more ‘pro’ level features out of the sensors to fumble around with, including 4x optical zoom and ‘Super Res Zoom’ up to 20x into the distance.

It also features wireless and fast charging, as well as sending the power on the phone to the apps that use it the most. With the Battery Saver mode, you can up to 48 hours of essential apps, if you find yourself without a charger.

Google Pixel Black Friday Deals

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Google Pixel 6 Deals

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Google Pixel 6 ProGoogle Pixel 6
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Black 256GBRed 128GB
White 128GB
Yellow 128GB
Black 128GB

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