Call of Duty Vanguard Cyber Monday Deals in 2023

Save cash to buy on in-game skins with these COD Vanguard Cyber Monday deals

cod vanguard black friday

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The latest Call of Duty entry, Vanguard, takes players back into the World War 2 era showcasing different perspectives from not only your usual US soldiers but also from the Axis Alliance. With a strong campaign and slick-looking multiplayer, this year for Call of Duty could be a huge success but that all depends on how it feels in the players’ hands.

The game also features Zombies, usually reserved for Treyarch-only entries which will hopefully extend the lifespan of this year’s attempt and encourage Zombie lovers to continue to invest time into the franchise.

However, with the game just coming out, it’s going to be pretty high-priced. SO, with that in mind, we’ve scoured the internet to find any COD Vanguard Cyber Monday deals out there so you can save at least some cash on the classic shooter.

Call of Duty Vanguard Cyber Monday Deals

Below, you should be able to see all the deals we’ve managed to locate. These come in the form of different retailers and with different discounts so you should be able to find the perfect COD Vanguard Cyber Monday deal for you!

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