Cyber Monday GoPro deals in 2022

Be a hero with a HERO thanks to these Cyber Monday deals!

Cyber Monday GoPro deals

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Welcome to a page dedicated to helping you save time and money on Cyber Monday GoPro deals. We’ve found some great offers to help you save money after Thanksgiving and possibly before.

GoPro action cameras are synonymous with the kind of activities at which we marvel on social media. Activities such as skydiving, cycling down insane hill routes and capturing exotic marine life in all its multi-coloured glory. Save some money on a camera this Cyber Monday.

Best GoPro deals in 2022

  • HERO11 Black Action Camera (save $50)
  • HERO10 Black Action Camera Bundle (save $150)
  • HERO9 Black 5K and 20 MP Streaming Action Camera (save $50)
  • HERO11 Black Creator Edition Action Camera (save $150)
  • HERO11 Black 4K Ultra HD Action Camera (save £50)
  • HERO8 Black Bundle (save $29)
  • Platinum Essential Accessory Kit for GoPro Action Cameras (save $5)

Where to find the best GoPro Cyber Monday deals?

GoPro is a popular brand, so you’ll find GoPro products in lots of different shops. These could be the large online stores, outdoor pursuit shops, tech retailers and so on. We’ve listed some popular retailers below.

Cyber Monday GoPro deals

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When will GoPro Cyber Monday sales start in 2022?

If you want to buy on Cyber Monday then you’ll have to do so on November 28 this year. However, deals will start earlier, especially if you count Black Friday sales which now occur before Thanksgiving.

How to get the best Cyber Monday GoPro deals in 2022?

The best thing is to identify what features the camera needs to have and your budget. Then you can work out which models meet your needs so you can make a shortlist. Research the typical price of the models on your shortlist so you can identify genuinely good deals.

Features to consider when looking for Cyber Monday GoPro deals

GoPro makes a variety of action cams, and you can buy accessories too. Here are some headline features to consider when buying your GoPro action camera.

  • Picture quality – all the GoPro devices have a high megapixel count, but the higher-end models have higher megapixel counts. Higher-end GoPro models also have HDR and record video at higher resolutions and frame rates.
  • Video stabilisation – all the GoPro models have image stabilisation but the higher-end models have more advanced stabilisation.
  • Modifications – think about which accessories you need to get the most out of your purchase. Mods include front-facing cameras, microphones and lights, for example.

Which GoPro model is best for me?

It depends on how you plan to use your GoPro action cam and where, and what features you need. Higher-end GoPros have better image stabilisation for steadier footage when jiggling about, and higher video and photo resolutions. It also depends on your budget.

Use GoPro’s product comparison and shop-by-activity features to see which device best meets your needs.

Is Cyber Monday the best day to buy a GoPro action camera?

That depends on various factors, such as the model you desire being discounted. Black Friday occurs before Cyber Monday, which means you could pick up an early bargain, possibly pre-Thanksgiving.