Can the iPhone 15 charge other phones? Yes, here’s how

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 15's battery sharing function

The advanced iPhone 15 now has the capability to charge other phones, providing a convenient and versatile charging solution. Image shows two iPhone 15s connected by a charging cable with the PC guide logo against a navy background

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The latest iPhone 15 release has sparked much conversation surrounding its charging capabilities. Since its emergence in September 2023, it’s become apparent that Apple has made major advancements in the iPhone’s battery-sharing abilities; in this article, we’ll walk you through Apple’s newest charging function and whether the iPhone 15 can charge other phones.

Although seemingly behind its competitors, with the Galaxy S10 and Huawei P20 (introducing battery-sharing functions in their 2019 releases), Apple’s introduction of this feature has allowed users to not only share the battery with other phones but also other Apple products!

Can the iPhone 15 charge other phones?

In short, yes! With the right charging cable, the iPhone 15 can charge other phones – it uses a USB-C port, which has opened up a world of possibilities for its battery-sharing function. With your iPhone 15 you will receive a USB-C charging cable, which allows you to charge other iPhone 15s – simply plug both ends of the cable into each phone’s charging port, and the iPhone with the most charge will begin to transfer its battery. Simple!

In recent years, most Apple users will have received a USB-C lighting cable with their iPhone purchases. This cable is also compatible with the new iPhone 15, meaning you can connect older iPhone models to the iPhone 15 and transfer charge.

Additionally, if you’re an Android user and your phone has USB power delivery support, you can connect your phone to the iPhone 15 and share the charge just as you would with another iPhone 15.

✓ Eve’s thoughts

Battery-sharing with other Apple devices

The ability to share charge with other apple devices when you’re out on the go is super helpful. If you’re in a rush and can’t find your AirPod/AppleWatch power supply, providing your phone has enough charge, you’ll be able to give your devices a boost of power with just one cable, saving time and space.

Can the iPhone 15 charge other devices?

The new 4.5W battery-sharing function on the iPhone 15 allows you to charge phones and other small devices. Meaning, you can’t charge your MacBook but you can charge your Apple Watch and AirPods. This super helpful addition to the iPhone series means buying fewer cables to charge all your devices.

What are the drawbacks of using the iPhone 15 to charge other phones?

Due to the charging ability being limited to 4.5W, the iPhone 15 is perfect for quickly charging AirPods/Apple Watches. However, when charging other phones it can take a little longer to get to full battery.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone 15’s battery-sharing function is a convenient feature that could potentially get you out of a tough spot when a friend’s battery is running low. The addition of this function in the newest iPhone model is an exciting upgrade in the iPhone series and something worth trying out for yourself.

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