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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra seen for under $1200 as global brand takes top spot off Apple

Save big on Samsung's Flagship S24 phone while stock lasts
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
A Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone and stylus against a blue background, showcasing its rear camera setup and a partial view of the front screen.
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It’s no secret that Samsung has been closing the gap between itself and Apple when it comes to smartphone sales, and for the first time in what feels like forever, the South Korean manufacturer seems to have taken the top spot again.

Apple wasn’t shy to announce the incredible $119.5 billion revenue driven in Q1 2024, however, that was a 10% dip in iPhone shipments. Despite sales still landing in the 100s of billions, Apple has, unfortunately, lost its top spot to Samsung. The South Korean brand has not only had a great couple of years but has continued excellent savings across several high-end products – including the flagship Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy S24 Ultra

5G S928B/DS 512GB 12GB RAM AI Smartphone, Factory Unlocked, Global Model, Long Battery Life – Titanium Gray

Right now, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for under $1200 ($1,195) – which is pretty good when you consider Samsung’s direct storefront is listing the same model for around $1400.

Why you should consider the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Outside of the fact that more people are choosing Samsung over Apple than ever, there are a bunch of reasons why you’d want to opt for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. At the top of that list, is most likely the camera.

Samsung has equipped the S24 Ultra with a 200MP rear camera which takes stunning pictures, whether you’re on the move, portrait shooting, or capturing the night sky. DigitalTrends stated that the S24 Ultra was “one of the best smartphone cameras I’ve used so far” which is a bold claim when you consider how many phones they’ve written about.

Additionally, the S24 Ultra offers up a 6.8 inch dynamic AMOLED screen that provides a crystal clear, vibrant image. It’s quick 120Hz refresh rate is a great addition for gamers wanting a smooth visual experience – especially when playing games with fast-moving images.

Other features include the Snapdragon 888 Gen 3 processor, 128GB RAM, and 512GB of storage space – more than enough for most users looking to create an extensive library of photos, videos, and games.

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