This RTX 3080 GPU deal might make you reconsider upgrading to NVIDIA’s 40-series

Avoid overspending, and get your hands on this RTX 3080.

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Considering the high prices for recent high-end GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA continuing to soar, alternative options are becoming more of an appeal for gamers.

While prices among the likes of the RTX 4080, 4090, or the Radeon RX 7900 XTX are often high, recent deals and discounts have helped bear the burden for buyers. AMD GPUs appear to be far more affordable, even with the best of them like the aforementioned 24GB 7900 XTX, standing as a less expensive alternative to its NVIDIA rival.

With rumors of the RX 8000 Series for AMD and the 5000 Series for NVIDIA, prices are only expected to increase even further. Despite this, there is no doubt that much of the new hardware results in the best gaming PC experiences possible.

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PNY GeForce RTX™ 3080 10GB Graphics Card

XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB™ Triple Fan Graphics Card LHR

The issue stems from the fact that the best of the best in the RTX 4090, can cost as much as or even more than pre-built systems. There are a variety of instances in which GPUs as such are overkill for gaming, especially if players are not playing at a 4K resolution.

Frame rates with other pre-built systems at 1440p or 4K can remain stable enough, to provide a good experience overall. Since NVIDIA’s 40 Series GPUs are the only ones with exclusive access to DLSS 3 and Frame Generation, players often feel compelled to get their hands on them.

The latest and most powerful hardware out there may be highly appealing to many, but there are still GPUs from older generations that can still provide incredible gaming experiences. This is especially important for those who aren’t looking to overspend on the best of the bunch.

Which GPU should you opt for at an affordable price?

Fortunately, Amazon currently has the PNY GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics Card on sale, 28% off the original price. With 10GB of VRAM, you can anticipate a great experience gaming at 1440p or even 4K.

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PNY GeForce RTX™ 3080 10GB Graphics Card

XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB™ Triple Fan Graphics Card LHR
Reasons to Buy
  • 10GB VRAM
  • Ideal for 1440p gaming – 4K capable averaging 60fps
  • Cheaper than most 40 Series GPUs and maintains great power
  • Frame Generation can be used via community modifications via FSR3 to DLSS
Reasons to Avoid
  • Demanding games such as Cyberpunk 2077 may struggle at 4K
  • GPU is 4K capable, but not enough to draw higher frame rates
  • Not future proof due to VRAM demands growing for AAA titles

Without a doubt, the RTX 3080 GPU is still a powerful high-end graphics card, that should not be scoffed at. With PC modders utilizing AMD’s open-source Fluid Motion Frames and FSR 3, players can use Frame Generation with this 3080 GPU.

Considering the high frame rates that can be produced here, especially at 1440p, mods as such can eliminate the need to spend over $1000 for a new GPU alone.

For just $489.99, you can get your hands on a GPU that is enough to handle almost all games within your library.

Since many PC ports of AAA titles launch in poor-performing states, buyers may still feel inclined to upgrade to a new gen of GPUs. Now, you can rest assured that this won’t fail to provide acceptable performance in those circumstances.

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