How to update Discord – our guide for PC and mobile

Find out how to update Discord in several ways to make the most out of the app with all its latest features

how to update disocrd

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If you want to learn how to update Discord on your PC or mobile, then we have you covered right here.

Now, on your PC, if you have the Discord app installed, it updates automatically when you start the app. However, this works only if you haven’t disabled the auto startup option. So, in that case, you will have to look for updates manually, which we’ll be talking about in this article.

Meanwhile, on your mobile (Android and iOS), you will have to head over to the App store and download the latest updates. We’ll be talking about this in our guide too.

Quick Answer

Here’s how you can update Discord on PC –

Manually: Open Discord > Ctrl + R (Command + R for Mac) > Let the updates install

Automatic: When you start your PC, the Discord app will automatically scan for updates and install them.

How to update Discord on PC (manually)

If you have turned off the automatic updates, then you will do those manually.



Launch Discord

On your PC, open the Discord app.



Force restart the app

For a Windows PC, press Ctrl + R. And for a Mac, you have to press Command + R. Once you enter these commands, you will see a blank screen while Discord restarts.

update discord



Let the updates install

If there is an update to be installed, now is the time that Discord will start to update it. You don’t get a choice as to whether or not the update is installed – it just starts downloading.

Discord automatic updates

When you download the Discord app on your desktop or laptop, by default, the Discord app launches itself on startup. At the same time, the app scans for new updates and installs them. If you have this setting turned on, you can

How to update Discord on mobile

If you want to update the Discord mobile app on your phone, here’s how to do it.



Go to the app store

If you have an Android phone, go to the Google Play Store. If you are using an iPhone, go to the App Store.



Search for Discord

In the app store, search for Discord. Open the app’s page. If you see an ‘Update’ tab instead of ‘Install’ or ‘Get,’ it means there are new updates available. Click on the ‘Update’ button and download those updates.

Update on Mobile Device

Once the updates are downloaded, you can launch the app and see the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I force Discord to update?

As mentioned in our guide, you can open the Discord app on your computer, hit the Ctrl + R keys, and force restart the app. This will make the app scan for any new updates and install them.

Why is my Discord not updating?

In case the Discord app doesn’t complete an update, make sure your internet connection is stable, try restarting the app, delete cache files, or try running Discord as an admin. If it still doesn’t work, you can delete the app, re-install it, and see if it works.


To sum up, if you have the automatic updates enabled, then all you have to do is launch the app, and the updates will be installed. If you want to manually update the app, hit the Ctrl + R keys and force a restart. And on your phone, head over to the app store and install the updates.

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