How To Enable Push-To-Talk On Discord

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Do you need to enable push-to-talk on Discord? Push-to-talk is a great feature in Discord that allows users to communicate without any background noise. It’s especially useful if you’re playing online games, or having a social call with friends. Here’s how to enable it:

With this configuration, you’ll be able to choose the moment you want your mic to open by just pressing one button on your keyboard. As we said it’s great to reduce background noise and it usually enables better in-game experiences if all your friends use it. You won’t be hearing the faults of that friend with a cheap microphone.


Enabling Push-to-Talk on Discord



Get to “Settings” and “Voice and Video”

First, open the ‘User Settings’ menu by clicking on the gear-like icon at the bottom of your screen. Then, select ‘Voice and Video’ from the left sidebar.

There you’ll be able to see setting to configure your input/output devices; you can also test your microphone and output volume, and if you scroll down (which you won’t need to) you’ll find all the video settings.

For now, you’ll stay in the first part in order to enable the PTT option.



Enable Push-to-Talk

You should see an option labeled ‘Push To Talk’ – click it and toggle it on! After this is done, Discord will save automatically.

Now, assign a hotkey to your cursor by clicking the “Shortcut” button, pressing your desired key, and clicking “Stop Recording”. We recommend using a key that is easily available during play and won’t interfere with the game itself.

If you want to add more than one key to PTT, you can also assign a keybind for activating Push To Talk – this means that whenever you press and hold down this key, your microphone will be activated so that other people can hear you speak.

To the right side of the Shortcut option, you’ll also find a bar to set the wanted delay. This is going to set how long will the microphone be active after you release the PTT assign key. It’s great for not having to keep your hand stuck to that key if you’re just going to say something quickly.

Final Thoughts

Now there you have it. It is clear that Discord‘s Push-To-Talk feature is pretty handy since it enables us to control when our microphones turn off and on. We have shown that it is easy to set this feature up and we hope all your questions have been answered. Now, go and enjoy your next call with your friends without the embarrassment of any background noises creeping into your call!