How To Get Discord On Xbox Series S

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Xbox’s latest update brings heaps of benefits for their users who want to voice chat via Discord. Both brands have worked together to integrate Discord on Xbox Series S. Consider yourself lucky if you are an Xbox gamer. Their competitor, the PlayStation is still waiting for this feature!

In recent news, Xbox has released a new November update. In this update, gamers will be able to join Discord voice channels straight from the console. Not only that, but Discord will also have a noise suppression feature, which will mute your background noise for a better audio experience.

Getting Discord on your Xbox Series S is not hard at all. There are a few prerequisites that would make your life easier, such as downloading the Discord and Xbox apps on your smartphone before. Other than that, it is pretty easy. Ready to start upgrading your gaming experience? Let’s begin.


Discord on Xbox Series S

By connecting your Discord account to your Xbox, you can access some great features. Once connected, you will be able to control the volume of your voice channels, switch between Discord Voice and Xbox chat, as well as disconnect from Discord.

Sound good enough? Let’s get started.



Open Xbox Settings

Once you boot up your Xbox Series S, navigate to ‘Settings’. Next locate the ‘Account’ section then head to ‘Linked social accounts’.

When you open this section, you will see all the available social apps that you can link to your Xbox Series S. Since this is a Discord tutorial, head to the Discord tab and click the ‘Link’ button.



Sign in to Discord

After clicking ‘Link’ your Xbox will ask you to sign in to Discord. You have two options: scan the QR code with your phone or click ‘Continue on Console’.

If you choose the QR code route, it will open up Discord on your smartphone instead.

Whichever option you choose, you will still need to log in to your Discord account, just like usual. After you have submitted your login details, Discord will ask you to authorize the link. Here you will need to click ‘Authorize’.

Once this is done, Xbox may ask you to log back into your Xbox account to further verify this process.



Transfer Discord channels to Xbox

Your Xbox and Discord accounts should be all linked up!

Next up, let’s transfer your voice channels across. First, download the Discord and Xbox apps on your smartphone.

To join a voice channel, simply open the Discord app on your smartphone. Find the channel you would like to join, click on it then swipe up to reveal the channel settings.

Here you will find ‘Transfer to Xbox’. Click this button and this will redirect you to the Xbox app. Here click on ‘Transfer Voice’.

Your voice channel should now appear on your Xbox Series S. To change the voice channel this must be done through the app. However, you can control some of your Discord settings from your Xbox such as muting your mic, switching to game chat, and disconnecting from Discord.

There is also an alternative method to join voice calls directly from your console. We will show you in the step below.



Join a Discord channel directly from your Xbox Series S

Thanks to the update in November, you can now open a voice channel directly from your Xbox. To do so, boot up your Xbox and open up ‘Parties & chats’ and select Discord.

This will bring up all your servers in a tab on your screen. All you have to do now is select a server you would like to join – It’s that simple. What’s great about this new feature is that you can also preview which friends are in the servers before your enter them.


Discord is a great app to connect with your fellow gamers and is so easy to set up on the Xbox Series S. If you enjoy articles like these, be sure to check out our dedicated Discord section here on PC Guide.

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