How to make your mic louder on Discord – our step-by-step guide

Do people complain your mic is too quiet? Here are some common fixes that will make your microphone louder.

how to make yourself louder on discord

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If you are wondering how to make your mic louder on Discord, we have you covered right here. 

Now, gamers usually use Discord for comms, so having the microphone deliver a loud and clear voice is important – especially during those action-packed multiplayer games. However, sometimes you might experience issues with comms, like low voice on Discord. Thankfully, these issues are usually minor and can be solved with a few steps. 

For Discord, there are two things you can do to fix the low mic volume – adjust the input volume and reset voice settings. 

Quick Answer

To increase input volume on Discord –

Open Discord > Go to User Settings > Go to Voice & Video > Increase the Input Volume > Do a mic test > See if it works

How to increase mic volume on Discord

The first thing you can try is to turn up the input volume on Discord. 



Go to User Settings

Launch Discord and head to the User Settings by clicking on the small cog wheel.



Go to Voice & Video

In User Settings, scroll and find ‘Voice & Video’ settings and click it open.



Increase the Input Volume

Once you open that sub-menu, you will see an ‘Input Volume’ option – turn it up by sliding the slider towards right.

input volume discord



Do the mic test

Next, to get an idea of the volume levels, do the mic test. Click on the ‘Let’s Check’ tab to start testing. As you speak, the volume levels will be shown on the graph. When you’re satisfied, click on ‘Stop Test’ and save the settings.

mic test discord

How to reset voice settings on Discord 

If adjusting the input volume does not work, you can try resetting the voice settings to default. 



Head over to User Settings

Launch Discord and head over to User Settings. You can access this menu by clicking on the “gear” icon.



Go to Voice & Video

Now, scroll and find the Voice & Video and then click it open.



Reset Voice Settings

In Voice & Video, scroll down and find ‘Reset Voice Settings.’ Once you spot it, click on it and then click on ‘Okay’ to confirm the action.

After this, all the settings will be turned back to the default.

reset voice settings

How to fix low voice on Discord

If the above methods don’t seem to work, you can try one of these fixes – 

  • Make sure that the microphone volume levels on your PC’s settings are okay
  • Consider replacing your headset or its microphone, as it might be a hardware glitch
  • Ensure that your headset or microphone is connected to the PC 
  • Try restarting Discord on your desktop and see if it works
  • Disable Noise Suppression if it is active and see if it makes any difference

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my mic so low in Discord?

There are several reasons why your mic volume is low in Discord. The most common reasons are low input volume, the wrong headset selected, hardware glitches, faulty voice settings, and more. You can refer to our guide to try to troubleshoot the issues.


To sum up, you can make your Discord mic sound louder by tweaking the voice settings in the app. You can try increasing the Input Volume. If that doesn’t work, you can reset the voice settings and then adjust those again. If nothing seems to be working, then it might be a hardware problem.

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