How to report someone on Discord – our guide for PC and mobile

Learn how to report someone on Discord, including how to report a user, how to report a server, and how to report a message.

how to report someone on discord

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If you are wondering how to report someone on Discord, then we have covered you right here.

Now, there are several reasons why you would want to report a Discord user. Some of the reasons include – spamming, harassment, offensive user names, underage users, use of offensive language, spreading misleading information, and other reasons.

Thankfully, reporting profiles on Discord is quite easy and takes only a few minutes. Plus, you can do this the desktop app, web version, or even the mobile app. In this guide, we will be talking about reporting a user profile. On Discord, you can also report messages and servers, but that’s a different topic.

Quick Answer

To report a profile on Discord –

Open Discord > view profile you want to report > click on three dots > click on ‘Report User Profile’ > select elements of the profile > select reasons for reporting > submit the report.

What can you report Discord users for?

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few reasons why you might want to report a user. Some of the common reasons include harassment, spamming, hate speech, inappropriate messages, fraud, malware, explicit content, and more.

Before you report any profiles, we strongly encourage you to go through Discord’s community guidelines to understand what you can report users for – because filing false reports can get you into trouble. 

How to report a user on Discord (PC)

If you are using Discord on a browser or the desktop app, you can follow these steps to report a user.



Open profile that you want to report

Open Discord and head over to the profile that you want to report.



Report the profile

Click on the three dots located next to the ‘Send Message’ tab. From the list that appears, click on ‘Report User Profile.’

report profile



Select reasons

While reporting, you will have to select specific elements of the profile to report. For instance, you can report a profile for having an offensive username.

select reasons



Select the type of abuse

Next, you will have to pick the reason why you are reporting the profile. Then, on the next screen, you have to select the specific type and report the profile. After you select the appropriate reasons, check the report summary, and click on ‘Submit Report.’

submit report

How to report a user on Discord (mobile)

Much like on PC, you can also report a profile via the mobile app. 



View the profile

Open the Discord app on your phone and click open the profile that you want to report.



Report the profile

Click on the three dots, and from the list that appears, select ‘Report User Profile’ and then click on ‘Next.’

report user profile on discord mobile



Choose elements to report

On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose the elements of the profile, like their username, for which you are reporting the profile.



Select reasons for reporting

Then, you will be asked to select reasons why you’re reporting the profile. For instance,



Submit the report

Once you select the appropriate reasons, you will be presented with a summary of your report – click on ‘Submit Report’ to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone know if I report them on Discord?

As mentioned in our guide, no, if you report a profile, the user will not be notified about it. It is a safe, quick, and anonymous process.


To sum up, reporting a user profile on Discord is quite easy and straightforward. It can be done through PC or mobile and there are only a few steps to it. Before reporting, we strongly recommend reading the community guidelines, as false or misleading reports can get you into trouble. 

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