How to play Time Crisis 5 without TeknoParrot

It's a crisis! But there's no time!

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TeknoParrot has unfortunately locked out access to Time Crisis 5 on their emulation layer underneath the need for Patreon. While it’s understandable as to why they’ve done this – it isn’t like they can do a lot of work for free sometimes – it can prevent you from playing the really bizarre and cool Time Crisis 5.

Time Crisis 5 is the sequel in the now very long-running Time Crisis series, featuring your usual light gun affair of pointing at a screen and mowing down dudes until you have to pop in another credit to carry on playing. The nice thing about playing on a PC is that you can skip the light gun and simply play with the mouse and keyboard.

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While not exactly the most thrilling way to play, I do highly recommend you at least witness this game in its full glory at some point in your life, as it is like it fell from an alternate universe where video games carried on being made as if the leap in storytelling and such didn’t progress further from House of the Dead’s initial entry.

Outside of this, Time Crisis 5 is actually fully playable without needing to use TeknoParrot, instead, just requires you to just dig around in the files for a little bit to find the right thing to click.

As the game runs natively on most PC hardware, there’s not any need for the various layers of emulation between the game and operating system. It is after all just using the Unreal 3 Engine.

Head into the folder where you extracted all the files and you want to head to:

TC5 > Binaries > Win64 > start.bat

This batch file will skip the fuss of not being part of an arcade system and allow you to freely use the game as you see fit.

Of course, with no way to rebind the controls natively, you’ll either need to stick with your favourite key rebinder (like Microsoft PowerTools) or use something along the lines of Joy2Key if you wish to use a controller.

The main controls for the game are:

  • Mouse to point and shoot, with Shift + H to turn on the crosshair
  • T and Y are your pedals
  • Shift + T to insert credits
  • F11 for Window or Full Screen
  • CTRL + Q to quit