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Fitbit Sense 2: What we know so far

Last Updated on December 1, 2023
Fitbit Sense 2 - Fitbit Sense shot
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When it first debuted in September 2020, the Fitbit Sense was a unique product that quickly rose on the list of the best Fitbits.

At the time, it had cutting-edge technology, but now that Fitbit has put it into the more compact, cost-effective Fitbit Charge 5, the impending Sense 2 will need to provide something even more remarkable.

What do we currently know about the potential successor to Fitbit’s flagship model? We review the most recent reports and rumors while outlining some of the Fitbit Sense 2 features we hope to see.

Fitbit Sense 2 release date and price

Given that the company’s first flagship launched in September 2020, it is likely that Fitbit will also debut Fitbit Sense 2 in September 2022.

However, since Google owns the company and has already scheduled to debut Google Pixel Watch in October 2022, it seems improbable that it would want to release the two devices in the same month.

We anticipate the Sense 2 to have the exact premium positioning as the original Sense, which Fitbit markets as its top-tier smartwatch.

In light of this, we can expect that Fitbit will price the Sense 2 around $299 and most likely no higher than $399 since it will make it a worse value option than Apple Watch Series 7.

Sense 2 New features


Early in August, 91Mobiles leaked allegedly accurate press renderings of the Fitbit Sense 2. These renders showed us the physical button as well as the ECG sensor.

A new watch face also displays four fitness indicators: a heart rate tracker, sleep score, and active zone minutes. While working out, having these indicators shown on the main screen will be quite handy because it will eliminate the necessity of opening each corresponding app one by one.

In addition, three strap colors are shown in the leaked photos: a dark gray, a warm white, and a much lighter gray, making them suitable for people of all ages, tastes, and fashion preferences.

Unfortunately, the newly leaked photos of the Sense 2’s sensor panel do not provide a clear view. In these real-world images, the Sense 2 has a sensor array comparable to its predecessor but a less apparent stainless-steel frame.

The information from the 9to5Google breakdown suggests a 336 x 336 resolution display, the same resolution panel used in the original Sense and Versa 3.

In June, a now-deleted video from a business that produces device accessories showed customers how to install a screen protector on the Versa 4 or Sense 2.

The lack of differentiation between the two gadgets in the video raises the possibility that the first Sense may significantly impact the new one’s design. So what we can gather from the leaked photos is that Google focuses on the features and functions of Sense 2 rather than on the device’s aesthetics.


The Fitbit Sense 2 is expected to maintain its “advanced” smartwatch lean in terms of specifications. We anticipate that the ECG, EDA, and skin temperature sensors from the original Sense will all be present in Sense 2.

Fitbit launched a public study in 2021 to see whether pulse data is a practical way to monitor blood pressure on the original Sense. However, the Fitbit Sense 2 doesn’t seem to be getting blood pressure monitoring technology just yet.

While the Fitbit is not yet prepared to give the implementation, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 does have a blood pressure monitoring feature. Because of this, Fitbit Sense 2 couldn’t win over certain users who consider this feature essential.

The changes that we need

The Versa 3 and original Sense both had Fitbit OS’s refresh, which improved the user interface but left the OS itself jagged and unwieldy when scrolling through menus or opening apps.

We want Fitbit to fix the stutters in its wearable OS. This isn’t a big deal, as Fitbit OS has several benefits over competing operating systems, such as simplicity and battery life.

Also, a redesign of the Fitbit app will be beneficial. It poorly explains how the EDA data collected affects your general health or why a certain reading is significant. We hope to see a redesign of the app, helping us to determine what’s wrong with our bodies.

Will Fitbit Sense 2 be worth it?

Fitbit fitness monitoring capabilities are impressive if Sense 2 receives new features and sensor enhancements. There are several choices for activity monitoring, and the watch and Fitbit app work together to give you a set of statistics about your workout once it is over.

For those who love to exercise and pay attention to what their bodies are telling them, Sense 2 may be the most excellent option available. The extensive sensor detection capabilities will inform you if your body has an issue while engaging in your favorite pastime.

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