AirPods 1st Generation

AirPods 1st Generation

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In 2016, Apple made an exciting announcement – they were introducing wireless AirPods! The first generation AirPods were a massive hit, and since then, Apple has released several other versions, all with different features. 

That being said, the originals are still highly recommended, and you are likely to find them at a very discounted price now due to the newer versions being released. While you may no longer find them in Apple stores, several retailers may sell them. 

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This article will be providing you with a review on the 1st generation AirPods, so you can make a decision on whether these are the ones for you!

Design And Comfort

Apple has a very distinctive style when it comes to its products, and these AirPods are no exception. They are almost identical to the regular wired EarPods, just without the wire, so if you liked the look of those, you won’t be disappointed. 

The main difference, is the AirPods have a slightly thicker arm that comes down from the earbud. This is so the battery and microphone can fit in this section. 

While many wireless earbuds have a silicone casing around the earbud section to hold them in place, Apple opted to stick with their sleek plastic casing that is a one-size-fits-all. 

Some may find that this makes them less secure, but as there is no silicon pressing into your ear, the AirPods are a lot comfier when it comes to listening to music for an extended period of time. 


When it comes to connectivity, these AirPods are an absolute dream. All you need to do is open the case next to your phone, and tap on the option that will allow them to pair. 

They will then automatically disconnect each time you take them out of your ears, and reconnect when you place them back in. 

The same goes for other Apple devices, such as iPads and Apple watches. 


The controls are probably the only area that is lacking when it comes to these wireless earbuds. They are controlled by Siri, but you need to double-tap either bud in order to activate Siri to skip tracks or adjust the volume. 

This means you need to speak to the AirPods in order to control them, which most people find a little awkward when out in public. Despite this, it can also be more time-consuming for Siri to listen to your request and then complete it. 

Therefore, many people opt for simply controlling the AirPods with their phones, which does feel like a step back with such advanced technology. 

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these AirPods is pretty good, and they offer a much better sound than the regular EarPods that came bundled with each iPhone purchase. 

It is important to note, that there is no noise cancellation feature with the 1st generation AirPods, so if that is something of importance to you, it is probably best you spend your money elsewhere. 

However, being aware of your surroundings while you listen to music isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are out jogging, or on a busy commute. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, the 1st generation AirPods will provide you with good-quality listening that you missed out on with the original wired EarPods. 

They are easy to carry around and place in pockets or bags, and their swift connectivity makes for very quick and easy pairing. 

While their Siri control function can be awkward, these headphones can be easily controlled through your phone, just as you would do with regular ones. 

As mentioned earlier, Apple has released several other versions of their AirPods, so you would be likely to find their 1st generation AirPods at a very discounted price. 

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