Is the 3070 Ti good for 4k?

An interesting card, but can it support Ultra HD gaming - let's see...

RTX 3070 Ti good for 4K - hero

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The RTX 3070 Ti was not built to aim at 4K gaming. However, it can usually handle 4K resolution with mid settings at around 60 FPS.

With a price tag of around $750, better GPUs can be found for 4K gaming. The RX 6800 XT is a sound option, or maybe spending a little bit more money for the RTX 3080 would be a smarter decision.

Honestly, though, the 3070 Ti can be considered a bad choice in almost every aspect of its setup. The GPU did not improve too much over the non-Ti version, but it costs $300 more. And that much for a card not aiming at fulfilling 4K expectations.

What that comes down to is that the GPU doesn’t have enough memory to support the amount of data that has to be transferred in these high resolutions.

RTX 3070 Ti Specs

 RTX 3070 TiRTX 3080
CUDA cores61448704
Tensor cores192272
RT cores4868
Memory size8 GB GDDR6X10 GB GDDR6X
Memory bus256-bit320 bit
Bandwidth608.3 GB/s760.3 GB/s
Base/boost clock speed1575 MHz/1770 MHz1440 MHz/1710 MHz

If we take a look at the 3070 Ti specs, we can conclude it will offer medium to low performance in 4K resolution: it doesn’t have enough memory size to handle the amount of data that going to be moved at that resolution, and the bandwidth and memory bus are really not good enough.

On the other side, we see a 4K gaming GPU such as the RTX 3080 which is capable of much better 4K performance – with a higher memory size and wider bus and bandwidth. Although the price difference between the two GPUs is around $150-200 the results the 3080 will provide in 4K gaming are better.

Can RTX 3070 Ti run 4K 144Hz?

No, the RTX 3070 Ti doesn’t have enough power to meet the necessities of a 4K/144Hz monitor. This GPU won’t be able to get near 100 FPS in 4K, not even playing in medium settings. The refresh rate of a capable monitor will come to waste due to the lack of power from the GPU.

The 3070 Ti may be a better option for 1440p/144Hz gaming and 1080p/240Hz. However, there are better options in the market such as the RTX 3070 non-ti or the RX 6700 XT.