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Is the 6700 XT better than the 3070?

Will the AMD card beat out Nvidia as ask if the 6700 XT is better than the 3070
Last Updated on April 27, 2023
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The RX 6700 XT does not outperform the RTX 3070. The RTX 3070 has, according to TechPowerUp, a 13% better performance based on its specs over the 6700 XT. AMD’s only hope was beating Nvidia by price this time, but that’s not happening either. Currently, the 6700 XT can be found at $499 on Amazon, while the 3070 is listed at $468. So, Team Green is delivering more power and a better price in this mid-to-high-range GPU market.

Both GPUs are marketed for 1080p gaming with an amazing performance in 1440p, and surprising results when performing at 4K. However, Nvidia’s DLSS, GSync, and Reflex features help the 3070 provide higher and more consistent FPS over the vast majority of video games.

RX 6700 XT VS RTX 3070: Specs

 RTX 3070RX 6700 XT
CUDA Cores / Stream Processors4,5882,560
Tensor Cores184
RT Cores / Ray Accelerators4640
Memory8 GB GDDR612GB GDDR6
Memory bus256 bit192 bit
Memory bandwidth448GB/s384GB/s
Boost clock speed1725 MHz2581 MHz

Although the RX 6700 XT has a faster boost clock speed and VRAM memory than the 3070, the better architecture and higher-end technology of the Nvidia contender provide better performance. Additionally, the RTX 3070 also makes use of the tensor cores that AMD didn’t have at the time and the wider memory bus: 256 bit over 192 bit. That compensates for the low VRAM memory the 3070 seems to have when compared with the 6700 XT.

All this being said, is proof enough to show how Nvidia takes the cake in this competition. However, what stands out, in this case, is how well both GPUs perform in 4K gaming. We’ve come to a time when older technology is no longer falling well behind new releases, and people can still enjoy high FPS and resolution gaming with cheaper components without having to invest a lot in the newer and more expensive GPUs, CPUs, or motherboards.

We’re glad to see how this graphics card is performing and hope this keeps happening. As technology advances, we will start getting into an era where upgrades are not a necessary action but a wanted one. Then, we would be able to be really called enthusiasts.

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