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Can the RTX 4060 run all games?

It's still unclear if the RTX 4060 will be able to run all games available or just most of them
Last Updated on June 29, 2023
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The anticipation is palpable. Nvidia’s latest GPU offering, the GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card, is about to hit the shelves, and gamers around the globe are eager to see what this new-gen upgrade brings to the gaming arena.

With the gaming industry continuously pushing the boundaries, releasing more visually stunning and computationally demanding titles, the question on everyone’s lips is, “Will the RTX 4060 be up to the task of running all games?”

The Nvidia RTX 4060, while offering impressive specs for an entry-level Ada Lovelace architecture GPU, may not deliver a fully playable experience for all gaming scenarios on the market. By “playable,” we’re referring to the ability to run games smoothly, with adequate frame rates that deliver a seamless gaming experience. The main bottleneck for the RTX 4060 in this regard lies in its VRAM and memory capabilities.

RTX 4060: A Closer Look at Memory Limitations

The RTX 4060 comes with 8GB of VRAM, which, while sufficient for running most games at 1080p resolution, starts to fall short when it comes to higher resolutions and more demanding games, like Hogwarts Legacy and Cyberpunk.

We’ve seen this with the performance benchmark of its older sibling, the RTX 4060 Ti Founders Edition (8GB). A 16GB variant of the RTX 4060 Ti is set to launch in July, which could boost power efficiency, cuda cores, and RT cores.

While this amount of VRAM was a standard in previous generations of GPUs, advancements in game development have increased the demand for larger VRAM capacities.

Furthermore, the RTX 4060 has seen a reduction in memory bandwidth compared to its predecessors, potentially hampering its ability to efficiently handle data-heavy gaming environments. This is even more noticeable when it comes to games designed to push hardware to its limits, with high-resolution textures and intricate gaming worlds.

The GPU can manage most games at 1080p resolution and even some at 1440p. However, for demanding games run at the highest settings, the RTX 4060 might struggle to maintain playable frame rates.

In conclusion, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 can certainly run a vast majority of games; however, it will not be able to run every game smoothly, especially at higher resolutions. If your gaming preferences lean towards AAA titles with high-resolution graphics, you might want to consider a GPU with a larger VRAM capacity and higher memory bandwidth.


Is RTX 4060 good for gaming?

Indeed, the RTX 4060 is an excellent choice for gaming, particularly at a 1080p resolution. Given its competitive price point, this GPU offers significant value, providing high-quality gaming experiences without breaking the bank. Its advanced features, like ray tracing and DLSS 3.0, allow gamers to enjoy visually stunning and smoothly running games, making the RTX 4060 a fantastic investment for any gaming enthusiast.

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