How To Update Dell Drivers

Keep your drivers up to date with our easy guide

Dell Drivers

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Dell offers a wide range of consumer electronics, from laptops and desktops to smart home devices and accessories. However, like any other, the company’s devices need updating to keep in tip-top form and functioning at their best. That’s why we’ve created this guide on updating Dell drivers, just to make things super straightforward for you.

How To Download Drivers From Dell

Downloading Dell drivers is quick and easy to do once you’ve got the hang of it. Below are the steps that you’ll need to take in order to download a driver for your Dell device.



Go To Dell’s Website

Head over to on your internet browser.



Download SupportAssist

Find your Dell product by downloading SupportAssist. This will automatically detect your Dell device. Follow the instructions on screen to download SupportAssist before moving onto step 4.



Enter Your Product Details Manually If You Prefer

You can also find your Dell device without SupportAssist if you would prefer. You will need your service tag, serial number, or express service code, though. If you have one of these, enter it into the search bar and press Go.



Find Check For Updates

Now find Check For Updates and click it. Dell will start finding any drivers that need installing or updating on your device.



Find The Driver That You Want Yourself

Alternatively, you could find the driver that you want yourself by heading to the Keyword Search Box and entering a keyword for your driver, such as Video, Audio, BIOS, or more.



Download Driver

Once you have found the driver that you want to install, press Download and save the file.



Find Drivers On Your File Explorer

Use your File Explorer on your Dell device to ensure that the driver has been saved. You will find it wherever you set it to save while downloading it.



Repeat This Process

Repeat this process for as many drivers as you need.



Restart Your Computer

Once you are happy that you have downloaded all of the drivers you need, restart your computer to allow the changes to come into effect.


We hope that this guide has helped you understand how to download and install drivers for your Dell device.

We recommend that you follow these instructions when you need to update your drivers. The benefits of doing so for your devices are numerous and will help keep them running smoothly.

What Is A Driver?

A driver is an application program or piece of code that allows a computer or electronic device to communicate with its operating system. The purpose of this communication is to allow the operating system to control the device.

For example, when you plug in a printer, it will ask what type of printer you have (e.g., laser printer, inkjet printer). Then it will tell the operating system where the print spooler is located on your hard drive so that it knows how to send data to the printer.

In order to do all these things, the operating system needs to talk to the device’s driver.

In fact, most modern operating systems use one central location, called the registry, which keeps track of all installed drivers. This means that if you install a new driver, it will automatically appear in the registry.

It is recommended that you install drivers for all of your Dell devices, such as printers, laptops, tablets, and more so that they can all work seamlessly together.

Why Do I Need To Download And Install Drivers For My Computer Or Laptop?

Drivers are essential to any computing device. Without them, your computer would not be able to function properly.

Imagine trying to use your laptop without being able to connect to the internet! That would be pretty frustrating. It is important to note that some devices require specific drivers.

Some examples include:

  • Printers – You need a driver for your printer before you can start printing documents.
  • Monitors – Your monitor requires a driver to display images correctly.
  • Networking Devices – You need a driver to access networks and share files.

It’s worth noting that you can also download drivers for third-party devices, which are not created by Dell, to make them run properly with your Dell device. You can download these from the Dell Drivers website and should not be downloaded from anywhere else.

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