How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port In iPhone

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It is crucial to quickly remove water from a gadget’s charging port because it will harm the internal parts of the device. If you don’t take these important steps, water might enter your iPhone’s components.

If your port gets wet, charging your phone can have bad consequences. For instance, pins and cables can be harmed. As a result, your charging cable or port can stop functioning.

You should always watch out for electric shocks when you are charging your phone. Even while it’s not usually your intention to get water into your iPhone’s charging connector, it can nevertheless happen. 

When you have your phone with you during regular activities like showering, washing, cooking, or swimming, there is always a risk. Read this article carefully to discover several simple methods for clearing water from your iPhone’s charging port.

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Leave It To Dry By Itself

This method is passive and you won’t have to do much. The air will dry the phone eventually, but there are a couple of steps you have to take to ensure this process goes well.



Turn off your iPhone

Turn off your iPhone



Leave to dry

Leave your charging port to dry by itself. This method always works, even if it sounds too good to be true. 



Ensure proper ventilation

Ensure proper ventilation for your phone. Installing a fan that moves the nearby air will help a lot, especially if it is directed toward the charging port. This port should be open in order to allow for the drying process to take place. 



Check after 30 minutes

Check the port on your device after 30 minutes. If there is still moisture inside or if the device continues to indicate that “liquid was detected,” then wait for a couple more hours.

If you can handle your phone with one hand only, use the other one to gently tap the charging port. Be careful not to inflict any damage, and you should also keep the phone oriented downwards. This technique will get rid of any extra water stored in the charging port. 

Shake Your iPhone

If you can, open up the phone and take the battery out. Next, tap your iPhone gently against your hand while holding it upright with the Lightning connector facing down so that gravity can prevent water from entering your phone further and allow extra liquid to drip off. 

This is the simplest way to clear water from your iPhone’s charging port, but you will need some special tools for removing the battery. 

Exposure To Warmth and Air

It is well known that heat and sunlight are helping with evaporation. You can simply put your phone out in the open if it has a water issue so that the wind can blow into it and dry it. 

The water content can also be dried off with the aid of sunlight. However, this method must be used with caution because continuous sun exposure might permanently harm your phone’s battery, screen, and tiny circuit board.

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Use Silica Gel

You may have heard from numerous people how to use rice to remove water from a charging port. Using silica gel is another technique that absorbs a lot of moisture besides rice. Silica gel works well to absorb moisture and most likely, you’ve noticed silica gel packets in shoe boxes or bags you’ve purchased. 

These little packets of silica gel are only intended to absorb moisture, protecting your luggage, clothing, shoes, and other items against humidity-related damage. For the record, silica is a special solution that absorbs moisture and aids in maintaining the lowest possible humidity. 

Silica gel packets can be helpful for drying off a damp iPhone due to their excellent absorption capacity. You only need to put your affected iPhone in a bowl filled with a few silica packets. After that, wait a few days for the silica gel to finish drying out your iPhone.

Use of Hair Dryer or Vacuum Cleaner

To utilize the hairdryer method, you must select the “Cool” setting and blast slowly toward the phone’s slightly angled surface. However, it is not advised to use a dryer if it doesn’t have a “cool” mode because heat can harm your phone’s internal components.

Similarly, utilizing a suction hose to remove some water from your phone’s charging port could be useful. To accomplish this, simply connect a hose to your vacuum cleaner, and you’re ready to go. Turn on the vacuum cleaner after connecting the hose to the charging connector on your phone.

Without a doubt, the suction will assist in getting the water out of your iPhone’s charging port. Again, you must be careful when using the vacuum’s suction force on your phone.

What Not To Do When Water Gets Into Your Charging Port

We understand that there is a lot of incorrect advice online when it comes to getting water out of the charging port. The majority of this advice is useless for fixing your equipment and, in some circumstances, even makes things worse.

Make sure not to:

  • Put your iPhone in rice.
  • Stick stuff into the port.
  • Avoid using a heat source to dry your phone. 
  • Do not try to charge your phone.


It’s impressive how many buyers of the most recent iPhones have a high level of confidence because everyone thinks their devices are waterproof. Since these phones have IP ratings, one’s confidence and carelessness when handling their phone near or in water might sometimes be increased. 

In reality, it is not advised to submerge your iPhone in water, whether or not it has an official IP certification, as Apple’s warranty does not cover water damage even if your iPhone has an official IP rating.

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