How To Clean An iPhone Charging Port

How To Clean An iPhone Charging Port

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An iPhone has become a staple in modern life, so when something goes wrong with it, we want a quick solution that can sort it out straight away.

One of the worst things that can go wrong with our iPhone is that it stops charging; watching the battery slowly go down without being able to charge it back up is extremely painful, but what can you do? 

There will be times when you will need to take your iPhone to get repaired if it isn’t charging, but you can also take a look at the cleanliness of the charging port as this may be associated with the reason why your phone isn’t charging. 

This article will inform you how to safely clean your charging port so you do not cause any damage to your iPhone and get your phone back to charging normally again. Find out more below!

How Does A Charging Port Get Dirty?

As the charging port for an iPhone is small, it can be difficult to see how it can get so dirty. However, as we carry our phones in pockets, bags, and hands, it is no wonder that dirt can build up inside the charging port.

Placing your phone down on the grass or the beach will also accumulate dirt in the charging port, so it is easy to see how dirty it can get inside. 

When dirt becomes lodged in the charging port, if it isn’t cleaned straight away, the charger can push the dirt further up when you put your phone on charge.

This causes the dirt to become stuck, more dirt to build up, and prevents your phone from charging normally. 


How To Clean The Charging Port



Toothpick And Flashlight

To clean your iPhone charging port, you will simply just need a toothpick and a flashlight.

Make sure that you have a flashlight separate from your iPhone flashlight as you will not be able to see into the charging port using your iPhone flashlight when cleaning your iPhone charging port.



Use Flashlight

Shine the flashlight into your charging port so you can see if there is any notable dirt inside the charging port.

There may be something lodged inside the charging port like a small stone that is preventing your phone from charging. There may also be a build-up of dirt, so it is a good idea to see the level of dirt that you need to remove.



Use Toothpick

Gently put the toothpick inside the charging port and carefully move it around inside to dislodge any dirt that could be blocking the charging port.

You may see dirt fall out of the charging port or on the toothpick when you remove it. If there is dirt on the toothpick, either wipe it clean with a cloth or replace it.



Plug Your iPhone

Keep plugging your iPhone in to charge in between cleaning it to check if you have dislodged enough dirt to charge it again.

If the phone is still not charging after you have finished cleaning the charging port, you will need to take the phone to a specialist to find out what the problem is.

What To Avoid Using

When you are cleaning the charging port, do not use any chemicals to clean it as this could damage the iPhone and permanently break it. You should also avoid using any sharp metal objects as this could scratch the inside of the iPhone and damage it.

You should also avoid blowing into the charging port as the hot air from your mouth can cause the inside to become wet, damaging the iPhone. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the best way to clean your iPhone charging port is to use a toothpick to dislodge any dirt that is preventing the iPhone from charging.

Make sure that you move the toothpick around gently to ensure that you do not damage the interior of the charging port. 

Using chemicals or sharp metal objects could damage the iPhone, so only use a toothpick. Take your iPhone to a specialist if your phone still isn’t charging after cleaning the charging port.