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How To Screenshot On An HP Laptop

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 16, 2023
How to screenshot on an HP laptop
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Screenshots are a terrific way to protect your work from being lost. Screenshots can be taken on all laptops and computers.

If you need to give step-by-step directions, show someone what you’re currently looking at, or take stills from movies or television shows, the screenshot feature can be quite helpful.

Here we will go through how to screenshot on an HP laptop.



Press the Print Screen key

The Print Screen key is located on the top left-hand corner of your keyboard, directly above the Escape key.

To screenshot on your HP laptop, press this key and hold it down for about 3 seconds to capture a screenshot of your entire screen.



Copy the screenshot to the clipboard

Press the PrtScn button and select “copy” from the drop-down menu.

When you press PrtScn, you’ll see your desktop appear on the screen, and a blinking cursor will show in the lower-right corner of your screen.

The blinking cursor is where the screenshot will be saved once it’s copied.



Open Paint and paste the screenshot

Open Paint and paste the screenshot.

Using your mouse, drag the screenshot to where it appears on your canvas.

Once your screenshot is in place, click “Save As.”

Name your File and choose a location to go to, then click “Save.”



Crop the screenshot as needed

Open the screenshot and select Edit from the menu bar.

Click on the selection tool in the toolbar at the top of your screen, which looks like a box with a line through it.

Click and drag over any part of the screen you’d like to keep and release when you’re satisfied with your selection.

The Crop option can be found in the main menu.

Use your mouse to drag the edges of your screenshot until it looks how you want it.



Save the cropped HP laptop screenshot

There are a few ways to save the cropped HP laptop screenshot.

If you’re using a web browser, there’s a button in the lower-right corner of most websites that looks like this:

  • You can also go to Settings > System > Accessibility > Mouse & Touchpad and press the “Switch Action” button.

This will take you through several options, allowing you to control your mouse pointer with the keyboard.

If you choose this option and then click on “Show Full Screen,” your screenshot will be saved with a large black border around it.

Take a full-screen HP laptop screenshot:

Take a full-screen screenshot on an HP laptop by following these steps:

  1. From the Power button, select Shut Down and press the Power button again.
  2. From the Power button, select Restart and press the Power button again.
  3. Select Shut Down and press F9 to enter Safe Mode (if needed).
  4. From the Start menu, search for Snipping Tool and select it to open it.

Click on New and then select Save As to save your screenshot to your local hard drive or USB stick using this method:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the gray area of your screen
  2. Select to Save as… from the menu that appears (on Windows 10).
  3. You can also hover over your mouse cursor to see this option appear in your context menu.)


Capture active window on HP laptop

To capture the active window (the active window is the one that you are currently working on) on your HP laptop, follow these steps:

  1. Press the PrtScn button on your keyboard and release it.
  2. Select File from the drop-down menu and choose Save as Picture from the pop-up menu.
  3. Press Ctrl+V to paste a screenshot into an image file and press OK to save it.
  4. You can now close this window by selecting Exit from the drop-down list at the top left of your screen and pressing Enter on your keyboard or clicking anywhere outside this window to close it completely.
  5. You have now captured an active window on your HP laptop! To view it, go to My Pictures and select Screenshots from the drop-down menu.
  6. All your screenshots will be displayed in this folder; you can open any of them by clicking on them.
  7. If you want to delete a screenshot, right-click on it from this list and select Delete from the drop-down menu.



Screenshot on an HP touchscreen laptop

The built-in screen capture utility on HP laptops allows you to snap screenshots of your computer screen and save them as photos.

Here’s how to screenshot of an HP touchscreen laptop:

  1. First, open the Control Panel. To open the Control Panel, click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. Click the “System and Security” icon in the Control Panel window, then click “System and Security.”
  3. In System and Security, click “Administrative Tools” (or double-click “System Properties” if it’s not already selected).
  4. In Administrative Tools, click “Task Scheduler,” then double-click “Create Task (Schedule)…” on the left side of the window that appears.
  5. Name your task; for example, “Capture Screen Shots.”
  6. Select whether you want notifications when this task is run; select Yes if you want notifications sent to your email address – notifications are only shown if you’ve set up alerts in the System.
  7. Click “OK,” then enter your password when prompted.
  8. On the Task Scheduler window, click “Triggers” on the left side and select how frequently you want this task to run; for example, every 5 minutes (the default setting) or once a day at a specific time of day.




The Windows Key can also be referred to as the Windows Logo Key. It is a round, green key located right next to the Ctrl Key on the keyboard. It is often sunk in deep so as not to be mistaken for an ordinary Function Key.

This key will capture your screenshot and save it to your Pictures Library, where you can view the image or edit it if needed.

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