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The Script Hook V critical error is something players of Grand Theft Auto V have been encountering a lot recently.

Script Hook V is the library in GTA that allows players to use custom *.asi plugins for GTA Script V native functions.

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This error has reportedly been occurring both online and offline, and to make matters more complicated, there are 2 different potential fixes for this issue.

Keep reading to find out how to play GTA V without encountering the Script Hook V critical error.

Reasons For Script Hook V Critical Error

There is one main reason for the appearance of the Script Hook v critical error is to do with modding.

GTA V has an anti-cheat system. Script Hook is often used for modding when it comes to GTA online, but this is not a practice that the game developers support. Therefore, adding mods to GTA V is identified as a ‘cheat’. This is what causes the Script Hook V critical error.


Solving The Script Hook V Issue

Before you try either of the fixes we’re going to be recommending in today’s article, you should restart your PC and repair any corrupt files.

The easiest way to repair files is to download Restoro and allow the program to run. Once your files have been restored, you’re ready to start trying to fix the error.



Update Script Hook

Updating the Script Hook app is probably the easiest way to get rid of the Script Hook V critical error code.

The first step is to download the Script Hook application. Make sure the version of the app that you download is one dated after the release of GTA V and that it can support this version of the game.

Once it’s downloaded, you will need to extract the zip file and access the bin folder inside the file. There will be files in the bin folder. Copy these files and transfer them into the game installation folder for GTA V.

Clicking ‘Copy and Replace’ should finalize the process of updating Script Hook. If you try to run the game now, it should hopefully not display the Script Hook V critical error message.

However, if the error is still there, that means that the developers haven’t released the workaround yet. In this case, you can try one more thing to restore your game to full functionality.



Revert To An Earlier Game Version

Reverting GTA to an earlier version obviously isn’t the ideal solution, but if a workaround for the Script Hook V error hasn’t yet been developed, it may be the only way to keep playing the game uninterrupted until further information is released.

First, download the Steam, Rockstar’s Club, and Epic Games Launcher versions of the Grand Theft Auto game files.

Next, extract the files and transfer GTAVLauncher.exe and GTAV.exe to the installation folder.

Click ‘replace the files in the destination’, right-click ‘update.rpf’ and click ‘copy’. Now find the Updates folder in the installation folder and open it before pasting the files into it. Click ‘replace the files in the destination’ again.

GTA will be reverted at this point, but there are a few more steps to complete to stop it from checking for updates every time you launch the game.

You will need to download a mod called ‘No Launcher’. You should have downloaded an RAR file, which now needs to be extracted. Inside the extracted folder in the installation folder, you will find 2 files. Copy them.

Find No_GTAVLAUNCHER.exe and double-click. After that, the game shouldn’t automatically check for updates anymore. Keep checking whether the GTA developers have released the latest workaround yet. Once they have, try method 1 again.

Final Thoughts

We hope that one of the above solutions will help you to play GTA V, or an earlier version, without the Script Hook V error.

If neither method works, a clean installation of the game and the Script Hook V app might fix the problem.