How to sign up for a Spotify Premium Duo plan

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The new Spotify Premium Dup account is great and allows couples to get a Premium plan account each for just a couple of dollars more than if you just got an individual one.

There’s no word yet on what happens if you split up with your Duo partner. Those playlists of smoochy lovesongs are going to sting for some while yet, or that playlist they made with Kelis’ ‘I Hate You Much Right Now’ on repeat 20 times might start to get a bit much, but if you are planning on having your significant other stick around, it’s a great option.

There’s even a new mode – Duo Mix playlist which is regularly updated based on your shared listening. Er, that may be a bit embarrassing if your partner likes to listen to Disney Princess ballads or old school Madonna songs while in the van to work, but let’s gloss over that. You can turn it off anyway to avoid any awkward moments.

Right, so how do you switch from a normal Spotify Premium to a loved-up easy to share one?


Sign up to Spotify or log in with your existing account.

Go to the Account page to change your subscription

Invite via the system the person you want to er, Duet with, and wait for them to accept. Here they will have to confirm they live with you. Whoever thought Spotify would check commitment levels?

The account creator will have to foot the whole bill. There’s no going Dutch on this one just yet.

If you already have a Spotify Premium account you will keep all your existing tracks and playlists, so no need to worry about losing anything that might start an argument that leads to you splitting up and being stuck with a Duo account you no longer need inside the first five minutes.