How to use Switch Pro controller on PC

Connect your Switch Pro controller to your PC with these connection methods

How to use Switch Pro controller on PC

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The Switch Pro controller is slowly becoming a fan favorite within the Nintendo community and other gamers alike due to its comfort and button press feedback. It also sports a USB-C connection as well as Bluetooth for a wireless hook up, which could be a big plus for most as both the Xbox One and PS4 controllers are still using those flimsy micro USB ports which are extremely prone to break.

The only real problem with using the Switch Pro controller on PC is that while it’s automatically recognized, to play games that aren’t utilizing the platform Steam, you’ll have to install additional software as a controller emulation tool. For a lot of people, this isn’t too much of an issue as it’s relatively straightforward to set up, but for those just wanting a plug and play controller on their PC and are not using Steam, they’ll probably want to opt for an Xbox One controller.

How To Use Your Switch Pro Controller On PC Via Bluetooth

As all Switch Pro controllers support Bluetooth connectivity, you can simply pair it to your PC, if it’s Bluetooth enabled too or if you have an 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter hooked up. Connecting is a pretty simple process and quite similar to that of pairing it to your Nintendo Switch console.

To start, hold down the Sync button situated on the top of the controller to the left of the USB-C slot, making the indicator lights blink. When the indicator lights do start to blink, it means it’s in pairing mode and ready to be connected to your PC. If you were connecting your controller to your Nintendo Switch system, you could simply press the sync button on your controller and the console would recognize the device but unfortunately, a PC doesn’t share that trait and you’ll have to go through the whole process of adding it as a device.

Connect Bluetooth

To add your Switch Pro controller as a Bluetooth device, here’s the process you need to go through:

  • Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in your system tray
  • Click “Add a Bluetooth Device”
  • Click “Add Bluetooth or other Device” and choose Bluetooth
  • Click “Pro Controller”
  • Wait until you see the indicator light-emitting a solid light and the Bluetooth menu says the controller is connected

You should now be free to use your Switch Pro controller on your PC without any issues. Well, if the games you want to play support using a controller that is.

How To Use Your Switch Pro Controller On PC Via USB-C

If you just prefer to have a wired controller you can hook it up via a USB-C cable. This eliminates any worries of actually setting it up as a device and the chance of the connection dropping.

To get your Switch Pro controller hooked up via USB-C, locate the port on the top of the controller and plug it in. Do the same with the USB connector and plug it into your PC. The drivers should automatically install and you should be able to simply go play your games.

If you’re playing your games via Steam, you should be good to go as it has Switch Pro controller support but if you’re playing games via a different method, you’ll need an additional piece of software such as x360ce which will emulate your Switch Pro controller as an Xbox 360 controller, allowing you to remap your inputs.

The only real downside to using a USB-C cable over wireless connectivity is the fact that you’re physically tied to the PC, limiting your movement and pretty much making sitting back on your couch impossible.

How To Connect Other Controllers To Your PC

If you a multi-console owner or have controllers for other systems lying around, you should also be able to hook them up to your PC. However, the methods shown for the Switch Pro controller might not necessarily work with these.

If you’d like to take a look at how to connect said controllers to your PC see the guides below:

So, that’s it! The connection methods above should help you to use your Switch Pro controller on PC. If you do have any further problems playing non-Steam games, we’d suggest potentially trying out a different mapping software like XOutput to see if that makes a difference.

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