Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here message

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If you have ever tried to copy some data from an email through Outlook onto another application on your phone, like Notes, then you may have discovered that instead of pasting the vital information you need, you end up with the following line of writing:

Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here.

This is an error message that pops up when copying writing into an app that isn’t authorized.

While this is pretty annoying, it’s actually Microsoft’s policy that restricts copying data for your own security.

However, while this feature was implemented to protect you, it more than often ends up being a pain.

Here are the methods you can try to work around this error!


Update Outlook

One of the biggest offenders is Outlook but in more recent years, Microsoft have adapted their policies to stop this error from occurring.

However, in older versions of Outlook, the policy may still be in effect.

Update Outlook

So, the first thing you should do is make sure that your Outlook application has been updated. This could be the thing that lets you get around this error message!

While you are there, you might as well update all the apps involved – including the ones you are pasting into just to be on the safe side.

If Outlook is updated and you are still experiencing this error, then here is what you can try next.


Update Your Microsoft Intune Policy

The real offender for this error is the Microsoft Intune Data Relocation policy.

It’s a part of the app’s Data Protection policy (which you can find in App Protection), which works to help restrict people from copying data and information from your private emails.

However, this policy works too well and most people find that they can’t copy and paste from their own emails.

You can adjust this policy yourself to allow you to cut, copy and paste into certain apps, but you will have to update your Microsoft Intune policy.

First, you must log into your Microsoft Intune app. Then, scroll down to Client Apps on the left of your dashboard.

Update Your Microsoft Intune Policy - Step 1

From there, go to the left side panel again and scroll down to App Protection Policies.

This will give you a list of different policies. In there, you should be able to find your Microsoft Intune Data Relocation policy.

If not, click on the plus button to create a new policy.



When you find the policy, scroll down until you come across the ‘Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other apps’ option.

There should be a drop-down box next to this issue. Switch it from ‘Blocked’ to ‘Policy managed apps’ or ‘Policy managed apps with paste in’.

Once that is done, scroll down to find the OK button and press it to save and update your policy.

If you have had to create a new policy, provide the additional details and find the same option under the Settings option.

Go to Data Protection and then to Data Transfer, and do the same as above.

Assign the ability to your relevant apps and remember that you should also press OK to save and update the policy.

Update Your Microsoft Intune Policy - Step 3

After this is all done, you should be able to cut, copy and paste between apps, according to the changes you made to your policy earlier.

If you have tried this method and are running into the same issue, then the problem could be an error or bug on Microsoft’s side.

Contact Microsoft Support and tell them how you have tried to fix the issue yourself. They should be able to help on their side and get the problem solved!


And that’s how you can fix the cut, copy and paste issue with Microsoft Outlook!

Follow the basic steps above and hopefully, the issue will be resolved in no time. Good luck!