Do BT Routers Keep History?

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Usually, most routers do not keep history records. But did you know that some routers can still keep history? These details can access in the admin panel. For example, BT Smart Hub routers are the latest routers that provide a fast, stable, and secure wireless internet connection. 

If you are using a BT router and wondering whether they can keep the history tracks, the below read can clarify it.

Do BT Routers Keep History?

BT routers, British Telecommunications routers, are not directly capable of keeping the history tracks. Instead, the ISP, again the BT itself, can collect or record your browsing data as DNS queries. However, since no one likes their private browsing history checked like this, you can re-route the DNS queries to a different server.

Check out the steps below to prevent your private information from getting out, no matter which ISP or device you use.

  • As an initial step, bypass BT’s DNS server by changing it.
  • Next, you can use a paid private VPN. It will help in encrypting all your data from being viewed online.
  • You can use the same VPN on your smartphones or devices from being tracked or eavesdropped on.
  • Try looking for a reasonable and stable VPN server for long-term use. A free VPN provider may serve the purpose poorly.

BT routers do not allow keeping history tracks. Therefore, no one will be able to access the browsing history regardless. Alternatively, clear all your browsing history data by the end of each user session. This would be an everyday manual task. However, it would provide the surety that you are not followed. If you are a parent and you want to know about your child’s history tracks, watch out for their internet usage. You can instead use a “Parental Control” option that will allow you to keep a check and balance over their activities. Otherwise, the BT routers cannot keep history records.


Most routers can’t keep the history, but the ISP can manage to do it. So, if you have a BT router and face the same issue, the router can’t do that unless the ISP at the backend isn’t supporting it. So, discuss this before buying a connection and device to avoid such privacy issues.