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Best DNS Servers for Gaming in 2023

Last Updated on January 17, 2023
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The best of those DNS servers are the ones that are fast and reliable for gaming. But what’s a DNS server, after all? And most importantly, how can it help in gaming? 

We have developed this guide to answer all your questions and to help you enjoy a secure, fast, and reliable connection for an excellent gaming experience. So, read on to find everything you need to know.

What is a DNS Server?

A DNS server is a type of server with a Domain Name System. In other words, it is a translator of domain names and IP addresses. Therefore, it should be flexible enough to keep you connected during gameplay. Plus, it should have a minimal effect on your bandwidth usage. 

Why Do Online Gamers Need a DNS for Gaming?

Online games these days require players to communicate with one another. With the help of a DNS server, you can do just that reliably and securely. It won’t directly impact your bandwidth, so your internet bills won’t go up. That’s why you need a quality DNS server for gaming these days. 

Top 8 Best DNS Servers for Gaming

Here’s a list of the 8 best DNS servers you can use for gaming. We have reviewed them to find the best one according to your requirements. 

  1. Cloudflare
  2. OpenDNS
  3. Verisign
  4. Google Public DNS
  5. Quad9 DNS
  6. Alternate DNS
  7. Level 3 DNS
  8. Comodo Secure DNS


It is the best DNS server you will find on the internet today because it has an intelligent service. It helps you in optimizing your overall gaming experience. Cloudflare does so by improving speeds and reducing lags. 

It works by intercepting your internet traffic and routing it to its servers strategically throughout the globe. First, it allows them to optimize your connection speed depending on your location and IP address. After that, they route you to the best servers that are optimal for your gameplay. 

The service ensures your internet connection stays reliable and quick, protects against DDoS attacks, and prevents malicious hackers. As a result, you will experience better internet speed and won’t have to deal with any lags or disconnections caused by poor internet connections. 

They have an Enterprise Plan, a Business Plan, and a Pro Plan, and you can go for any of these based on your needs. However, if you compare it with other services, you will notice that Cloudflare is the best in speed and reliability. They have a free plan that is quick enough for most gamers. So, you might not have to pay a single penny for anything at all. 


This is the best option for families because it has a special filter focused on adult content. This service comes with some significant parental controls, and a firewall is included too. 

It can filter out or block any adult content for network users. The service comes with anti-phishing protection, so you get to block certain types of websites. OpenDNS can protect your family from any online threats and keep you safe as you play your games online. 

If you want to filter out any adult content and enjoy awesome DNS services for your gaming, this is the right option. It comes with different parental controls that are pretty powerful, and you can customize anything based on other age groups. 

There are various advantages to using this service. You will get manual filtering that will enable you to block any malicious sites causing gaming lags. 

But the downside is that there is only a limited time on the free plan. This free plan has limited ad blocking and a relatively slower connection. 

But there are paid plans as well, and there are four. Home packages and Family Shield are free of cost, while there is a fee on Home VIP and Umbrella Prosumer. 

Each of these packages comes with more and more features. So, the paid plans are the best. These paid plans ensure maximum parental control with customized security settings. 


If your entire focus is on using a DNS service that is secure and stable, you should consider Verisign. Their server has a very quick response time and can handle lots of traffic. So, this is the right option if you are a gamer looking to stay from any lags during your gameplay. This service comes with high reliability and uptime for different gaming needs. The service comes with a variety of features. 

These include the likes of online backup, malware scanning, and a host of other security features. These services are compatible with computers and consoles. 

This service is the best for gamers who want their internet connection to be secure, fast, and reliable. They have an extensive network of servers that can prevent users from spoofing attacks. 

But the downside of using this service is their website. It can be tough to navigate through their site as there is so much content on a wide range of topics. These include customer support, cybercrime protection, spyware, and the like. 

Google Public DNS

Google presents you with its very own DNS service, which is speedy and secure. This one is the right choice if you are a gamer who doesn’t compromise internet speed. This server is particularly good for gaming because the servers here support IPv6.

It ensures that gamers have full access to all modern sites, even the ones that only run on IPv6. The best thing is that it’s a free service, and they have theory servers all across the globe. Therefore, this service is a neat option for anyone who frequently plays games online. It can come in handy for streaming videos from all across the globe. 

The service has a special feature that lets you specify which country servers you want to use. Therefore, if you want to connect with a friend who lives on the other side, these features can come in handy with the latency issue. 

The positives of this service include quick resolution time and one of the best levels of security against any malicious phishing attacks. Moreover, you will get quick page loading times; of course, it’s free to use. 

But there are some downsides as well. This service comes with limited customer support. It has a pretty complex user interface with some privacy concerns. 

Quad9 DNS

This service will suit you the best if you want to block off any of those malicious sites. It doesn’t cost you anything, just like Google Public DNS. 

Quad9 DNS offers incredibly high-quality protection from phishing and malware sites. It has a filtering system to block all types of malicious sites along with online scams that have the potential to infect your computer. 

You don’t have to worry about visiting unknown sites that might spread viruses or malware into your system. Quad9 DNS is the best service for content filtering, security, and privacy. 

It can block those sites that might have the potential to steal your personal information or passwords. It can happen when you visit any of those fake sites that might be designed to look genuine. 

But their purpose is to extract sensitive information from you, including your social security numbers or credit cards. So, using this service is pretty simple too. 

But there is a downside as well: it doesn’t come with any manual filtering and is a tad bit slower than the ones we have already reviewed. 

Alternate DNS

This service is just generally a good choice for online gaming. The server here ensures reliable and fast service, and you don’t have to deal with any dents in your wallet. 

Alternate DNS supports IPv6 addresses. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with any problems as you try to connect with other players located all around the globe. 

This feature becomes even more important if you are looking to travel abroad and want more flexibility while playing online games. If you live in a country where ISPs tend to block and prevent the use of sites such as Netflix or others, you can benefit from Alternate DNS. 

This service is a good choice for families looking for free-of-cost protection from phishing attacks or malware. 

Using Alternate DNS, you will benefit from a highly efficient and fast service. It is suitable for secondary DNS resolvers that block adult content, ads, and trackers. But there is a drawback of using Alternate DNS because its privacy policy seems a bit dodgy. 

Level 3 DNS

This service is one of the fastest streaming and gaming options available. It provides a decent ping rate, and you will enjoy its high down speed. 

Level 3 DNS is an equally good choice for business and personal users. The company has different server locations along with IP addresses across various countries. So, you have plenty of options to explore. 

Furthermore, Level 3 DNS is a top-tier service provider. It means the service has its network infrastructure. Therefore, it doesn’t rely on any third-party customer services. 

The services are integrated with many features, including automatic load balancing or failover, to deliver excellent performance. Geolocation routing and local cache entries are incorporated to ensure faster access for websites like Netflix and YouTube. 

The main plus points of using this service are that you will benefit from a fast connection and high compatibility with different ISPs and routers. However, a drawback of using this service is that it has high-end hardware to get the best performance. 

Comodo Secure DNS

If you are looking for security more than anything else, then Comodo Secure DNS is the best choice. This service will provide you with maximum online privacy. You won’t have to worry about phishing sites and malware anymore. 

Comodo DNS servers block malicious sites from accessing your devices. So you can enjoy a safe online gaming experience at all times. Furthermore, it means you won’t have to worry about your systems being hacked at all. 

Comodo uses 256-bit encryption and a plethora of other defenses to protect your devices from any cyber threats. The company provides auto protection from phishing attacks, viruses, or malware. 

It helps in blocking ads on different apps and sites. So, your overall gaming experience will increase, and you won’t have to deal with interruptions as you play your games online. 

Comodo is best for protecting businesses and families as it has various security features. You can benefit from off-network device protection, web filtering, and cloud-based management. 

Can DNS affect gaming in any way? 

DNS can improve your gaming expense for you, and it ensures high security and better speed. It can significantly improve latency and limit ping. You won’t have to deal with any lags using these DNS services. So, DNS only positively influences your online gaming experience. 

What is the best way to lower ping? 

You need to reset your router to lower your ping. It is one of the most effective ways to do that. But going for a quality DNS to resolve this issue is another option you should surely try. 

Can VPN lower ping? 

VPN can help in reducing ping when playing online games. But with the help of a DNS server, you will get better speeds. VPN is better for privacy protection. 

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best DNS service, you must go for Cloudflare. It not only ensures super-fast speeds, but the service integrates some quality security features. It will significantly enhance your online gaming experience.  

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