How to Screen Record on iPad and iPhone

Once you've got it, you can begin to share recordings from your device

Screen record on iPad and iPhone

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Being able to screen record on an iPad and iPhone comes in very handy when you want to share with your friends or family that part of the game you can’t beat, or that weird bug that you need some help fixing.

You need to set everything up so you can screen record just on swipe and tap.

Screen record on an iPad or iPhone – step-by-step



Add the screen recorder to Control Centeritle

Go to Settings and tap Control Center, scroll down, and then tap the green icon next to screen recording.



Start Screen Recording

To begin screen recording, open Control Center and tap the gray concentric circles icon.

A three-second count down will begin; once it ends your iPad or iPhone will start recording.



Want to record your voice?

If you want to record your voice along with the screen, you can tap and hold the screen recording option and select the microphone at the bottom of the screen. The process afterward will be the same as before.

When the recording has started the status bar at the top will turn red. That’s how you know for sure you are recording.



End the recording

Once you’re done recording, just go to Control Center again and tap the Screen recording icon; this time it will be red to show the recording is active. This will end the recording and automatically save the video on Photos.

You can also tap the red status bar and select Stop.



Do you want to edit or Share?

If you’d like you can edit the screen recording. Tap Edit in the top-right corner of the screen and edit as you’d like. You can also share the video with anybody.

Your device will be ready to screen record anything you want with two simple steps. Now you can keep making those funny videos and showing them to your friends.

Final thoughts

There you have it. It’s easy to screen control on iPad and iPhone, but can take a little getting used to if you’ve not done it before. But, by following the steps above, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

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