How to set up Digital Legacy in iOS 15

Have someone take care of your digital footprint

iOS Digital Legacy

Digital Legacy is a service Apple provides to help loved ones take care of your digital footprint once you’ve passed. Whilst they can’t access any sensitive information such as passwords, payment information, and the like, they can access photos and other files that count as keepsakes in your memory. It’s not a nice subject to talk about, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Obviously, this service is entirely your decision and your information is only accessible if you have signed up for the Digital Legacy service. Long story short, infamous meme lords need not apply, unless you really do not care.

For those of you who are a Legacy contact, you’ll be given a key code from Apple. Keep this safe, but if you happen to lose it, Apple can still grant access when producing a death certificate. It’s probably best just to make things as easy as possible in this example.


How to set up iOS Digital Legacy

iOS Digital Legacy

Let’s go through how you can sign up for Digital Legacy. Before we start, think about who you would like to be your legacy contact. This person will be sorting through your iOS devices and account, so make sure it’s someone you can trust. You’ll also need to be using iOS 15 or above to complete the sign-up process.


Navigate to ‘Password and Security’.

iOS Digital Legacy

Go to Settings, tap your name at the top of the screen then hit ‘Password And Security’.


Choose Your Legacy Contact

iOS Digital Legacy

Tap ‘Legacy Contact’, then ‘Add Legacy Content’, and select the person you’ve chosen from your contacts list. Finally, tap continue. Your Legacy Content will then be granted an access key to use on your iOS device should the worst happen.

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