How to Download iOS 15.1 Beta – Get SharePlay Now

New iOS 15 Features in the latest iOS 15 Beta!

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Downloading the iOS 15.1 beta is the best way to grab the latest new iOS 15 features, it’s also the answer to when is SharePlay coming out. That’s right, SharePlay is included in the iOS 15.1 beta download.

iOS 15.1 Beta - New Features

how to share music on ios 15

iOS 15.1 beta release notes can be found here, but one of the biggest new iOS 15.1 features is SharePlay. Although Apple warned us this would happen, SharePlay sadly didn’t drop with the final release of iOS 15 yesterday so this new beta is your chance to play around with it. SharePlay allows users to share video and audio with their FaceTime chat, it’s a great feature that would have been welcome at the height of the global pandemic but a great addition nonetheless.

Other than SharePlay, iOS 15.1 beta download doesn’t offer consumers much more, bar fixing SwiftUI becoming unresponsive after using the iPad pointer. This really does look like an excuse to get SharePlay onto people’s devices earlier than the full-fat release expected this fall. iPadOS 51.1 and tvOS 15.1 betas have also dropped with SharePlay support. WatchOS 8.1 beta is also in the hands of developers.


iOS 15.1 Beta Download - How Do I Get It?

ios 15.1

The process for downloading the iOS 15.1 Beta couldn’t be easier. Follow the steps below to get the latest iOS 15.1 Beta Download pushed to your iPhone:


Sign Up To The Apple Beta Software Program

apple beta software

Click here to go to the Apple Beta Software Program then click ‘Sign up’. Follow the prompts and log in using your existing Apple ID to get iOS 51.1 Beta download pushed to your device.


Check Your iPhone

Once you’ve registered, you should receive a notification on your iPhone stating ‘iOS 15.1 Beta is available, or words to that effect. Tap the notification, or if you haven’t had one, go to Settings > General > Software Update and check if it’s landed. Restart your handset and give it a few minutes if not.

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